Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



"Ok. The polyjuice is ready. If you sort me and Ron out first Hermione, you will be Bellatrix for longer." Sirius explained. 

"Crinus Muto!" Hermione changed Sirius' hair to short and made him clean shaven. His hair became light brown.

"Crinus Muto!" Hermione then changed Ron so he had long wavy dark brown hair and a goatee beard.

"This is great Hermione. You should change their clothes now." Said Harry. So she did.

 "Multicorfers." She gave them both black long robes and big black boots. 

"This so does not suit me." Said Sirius. "I wouldn't like to be a death eater." 

"Ok. Griphook. You can get us in?" Harry looked at him. 

"Yes. Then I get the sword. The REAL one. Ill know the difference." 

"Fine. Ok Hermione let's go. Drink the potion." Harry handed her the potion. She drank it and within minutes became Bellatrix. 

"That's scary. Bellatrix is in my brothers living room." Ron laughed. 

"Ok. How do I look?" The others muttered the answer. There was a couple of 'fines' and 'not to bad'. "Ok. Lets go." They all walked out of the cottage and grabbed hands. Sirius apparated them all the little alley next to Gringotts. Harry quickly put on his cloak with Griphook on his back. Then suddenly a man walked past them.

"Hello Bellatrix. Didn't see you there. New death eaters with you I see. Hi there." 

"Yes. Very well. Hello. These are Park and Frien. Guys this is Dolohov. We better be going. Goodbye." The man walked off. 

"How did you know him Hermione?" Asked Ron. I don't think I recognised him. 

"The wanted posters Ronald. Don't you pay any attention?" Hermione huffed. "Ok let's go then." They all walked into Gringotts and went up to the desk. 

"I would like to visit my vault." She said. "Bellatrix does not like to be kept waiting." The goblin looked up.

"Ah. Miss.Lestrange. Could I see your wand please." The goblin asked. 

"Now Harry." Sirius whispered. Harry walked up to the goblin.

"I don't think I need to show my wand. I just want to get into my vault." Harry got out his wand and whispered.

"Imperio." The goblin relaxed a little and carried on.

"That's great. Please follow me." The goblin guided them to a cart and got in. They all managed to get onto it. Griphook and Harry revealed themselves so that Griphook could drive the cart. Off they went. 

"It's pretty magnificent having all of this underground isn't it really? All the vaults, all the money." Sirius mentioned.

"Yeh. It's pretty cool to be fair." Ron agreed. They carried on and passed hundreds of vaults on the way. Bellatrix's vault seemed to be virtually the lowest vault in there. The lower the vault meant the purer the family. Pure-Blood families through and through. Finally they arrived. 

"Ok. I need Bogrod's hand to let us in." Griphook grabbed Bogrod and placed his hand on the door. The vault door clinked and clanked and then fell open. They all marvelled at what was in there. Piles and piles of gold, goblets, money, treasures. The fake sword stood in the corner. 

"Right." Harry started. "We need to find something small I may hear it when it is close. Dumbledore mentioned Hufflepuff's cup once. It might be that. Lets look." Then Ron kicked something accidentally. It started to multiply. 

"That's the Gemino curse!" Sirius looked at everything."Don't touch anything else or that with start multiplying as well. Stand still." Harry turned around and the real sword pushed several plates and jewels off a table. They started to multiply.

"Harry! What did Sirius just say?" Hermione moaned. "We better hurry." 

"Harry! Up there I think! It's a golden cup. Right at the top." Ron pointed to a little cup with Hufflepuff crest on. They all stared up at it. 

"Right! That's it! Ill try and get up there." Sirius placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Be careful Harry." He looked at him seriously but Harry laughed. 

"I'm sorry Sirius. You look ridiculous like that. I can't take you seriously. But I won't do anything stupid don't worry."

"Thanks Harry." He turned at looked at Hermione and Ron. "Surely as don't look at silly as you Ron." They laughed. 

"It's just the hair on your face. It's funny because we are used to you with a beard." Hermione replied. "Anyway. Get on with it Harry! Climb on the multiplying stuff! It may allow you to move higher." Harry did as Hermione told him. He climbed on a mound of treasure which started to duplicate fast. This helped because he could wade through the stuff and get to the cup. He grabbed the cup and held it up.

"Got it!" Then he fell. He rolled down all of the stuff and landed at the bottom. "Ouch!" 

"Are you ok Harry?" All three of then asked. 

"Yeh! Lets just get out of here. Griphook can you drive us back up to the top?" 

"Yes. Give me the sword first." Harry obliged and gave it him. They all left the vault and got back into the cart. After a while they came near a large waterfall. 

"Griphook! What is that?" Griphook stopped the cart just as they passed through. 

"Thief's Downfall! Strips any magical things away." They all looked at themselves and Hermione wasn't Bellatrix, Sirius had all his hair and Ron lost most of the hair. 

"Oh no! What do we do now?" Then a large bleeping started and the bottom of the cart disappeared. They all fell a short distance but Hermione shouted.

"IMPEDIMENTA!" Everyone slowed down and hit the ground softly.

"Thanks Hermione."

"Yeh, thanks."

"Thank you." They all got up and looked around. What were they to do? Harry tried to think of a way out but couldn't. 

"Griphook. How can we get out?" Harry walked over to him.

"Well. I didn't say I would help you get out! I said I would help you get in." With that he ran off with the sword and Bogrod followed him. 

"GRIPHOOK!" They all shouted. They stood there and didn't know what to do. 

"How the hell do we get out of here?" Sirius asked. "This is ridiculous. We shall get chucked in a Azkaban before we can say 'break-in'. We need a plan!"

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