Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



"Goodbye Harry! Merry Christmas! Have a nice time." Hermione gave Harry a hug and Sirius. 

"See you soon Hermione!" Said Sirius. "Merry Christmas Ron. Make sure Remus comes soon!" 

They stepped outside of the boundary and apparated to the burrow. 

"Well! I can't wait to see Remus. I spent a Christmas with him once when I was about 19. His parents were lovely people. It will be nice with just us three Harry." 

They waited for two days and Harry looked at his makeshift calendar realising that it was Christmas Eve. He got up and dressed and as usual Sirius had made breakfast. 

"Thank you Sirius." He sat down and started to eat his breakfast. 

"I'm going to go outside and wait." Sirius left to tent and waited outside. They took it in turns to wait outside, because they would be able to see Lupin, but he would not be able to see them, when he arrived. 

A few hours went by and Harry wondered if he was going to be here in time for Christmas. They would be leaving for Godrics hollow in the morning and Lupin would not know where they were. 

Sirius had come in to eat some dinner and they heard some distant shouting. It was only 5:30 but it was ready dark. Sirius ran out but couldn't see anything. Harry ran after him.

"Lumos maxima" he said and the end of his wand shone a large bright light. He ran out of the boundary. "Remus! Is that you?" They both heard quick footsteps and suddenly Lupin popped up out of nowhere. 

"Sirius! Harry!" He greeted them each with a hug. "Let's get inside I have some things to tell you." Sirius and Harry led Lupin inside the tent and they all sat at the table. 

"You know that me and Tonks got married in July?" 

"Yes" said Sirius.

"No!" Said Harry. 

"Oh. Well it was a small ceremony and we didn't want to make a big thing of it. Anyway, in September when you had gone. We found out that Tonks was 2 months pregnant!"

"Oh Remus that's great news! Have you thought of any names?" Sirius seemed really happy. 

"That's great Lupin! I'm really happy for you!" Said Harry.

"Thank you Harry. We have thought of a couple but not definite yet. So what will we be doing over the next couple of weeks then?" Lupin looked at Sirius and then Harry. 

"Actually Remus we are going to Godrics hollow tomorrow. Harry hasn't been since he was a baby so we thought we would lay flowers, you know." 

"Oh. I see. That sounds good I guess."

"Yeh it is! I've never seen their graves and I want to be there on Christmas Day! Is that a problem?" Harry was quite put out. 

"Not at all Harry. Now tell me about this locket. Ron not Hermione told me anything." Sirius looked at Harry but decided to tell Lupin what went on.

"Well Remus it's great news. Ron found the sword of Griffindor a few weeks ago! On the same night Harry opened the locket and Hermione destroyed it with the sword. Utterly brilliant!" 

"That's fantastic news! Now there are only four to find!" 

No one took guard that night and all three of them had a good nights sleep in the beds. The tent was nice and warm so it was a lovely feeling on Christmas morning.

Harry awoke early and felt excited for the day ahead. However he was also nervous because he had never really been there. His parents graves would be there and their home. He sat in the middle of the tent on one of the soft chairs and waited for Sirius and Lupin to awake. Lupin woke up first. 

"Good morning Harry! Merry Christmas! I'm sorry about last night. It's just that I have never been to where James and Lily died."

"It's ok. I was just tired. I am a bit nervous though. I don't remember ver being there so it is like I have never been either." 


They were all packed and ready to go. They were leaving the white cliffs and told Ron and Hermione to meet them at the woods outside of Godrics hollow when they could. 

"Off we go then Harry." He had butterflies and felt rather unsure. They had to arrive at the woods, set up and then venture into the village when it was dark and quite late so that no one was out. Remus and Sirius apparated separately but Harry held onto Sirius.

The whirling sensation swept over Harry again and then when they arrived Harry fell to the ground. 

"Sorry Harry." Sirius held out a hand for Harry to get up. 

"Thanks." Remus turned up seconds later and they set up the tent. 

Harry didn't speak for most of the day. He just sat inside the tent waiting and every so often looked at his watch.


Time was going very slowly. Harry finally decided to eat something and then resumed his place and began to wait again. He noticed it becoming dark but realised it was only 5:30. 

"Let's go now." Harry said whilst getting up. 

"Harry, it's too early yet. Just a few more hours." Said Sirius calmly. 

"I've waited long enough! I've been waiting for 16years!" Harry had raised his voice. 

"Harry! It's not just you who is slightly apprehensive about going to the village. James and Lily were our best friends! Now sit down and just wait!" Remus had stood up and was facing Harry he had also raised his voice. 

"Make me." Lupin pushed Harry down onto the chair.


"Harry! Remus! That's enough. Arguing about such a thing. Please Harry, just wait. Remus hold your temper! It's like the werewolf is coming out in you!" Sirius sat down and so did Lupin. Harry was shocked with Lupin's reaction and kept quiet. 

Finally 11:00 came around. No one had spoken to each other since earlier. Sirius stood up. 

"Right. I guess we can go now. Come on you two." Harry and Remus followed Sirius and they arrived in what seemed to be a village square. It looked lovely. Harry looked around and saw fairy lights everywhere. A big Christmas tree was stood in the middle of a large stone circle and it was covered in lights. 

"It's - it's beautiful." Said Harry. "Where is the graveyard?" Sirius pointed toward a church which had a small looking garden next to it. They walked over and Harry entered. It took a little while but he finally found them. Side by side stood two beautiful white marble grave stones with his mothers and fathers names on. 

"Here they are." He said to Sirius. He felt tears welling up in his eyes and didn't bother to hide them. Sirius stood next to Harry and put an arm around his shoulders. Lupin stood next to Harry and looked at the stones. Lupin got out his wand and conjured two large wreathes with his wand. He lay them on each grave. 

"Orchideous" Harry whispered he lay some red roses on his mothers grave. "Orchideous" he said again and he lay some white roses on his fathers grave. 

"Good one Harry." Sirius said in a low voice. They stood in front of the graves for a while and then Harry noticed something. 

Harry turned around and stared at a large cottage that had a huge hole blown out of it. 

"What's that building?" Harry asked.

"Oh. Lets go over" Sirius said. Harry, Lupin and Sirius made their way over to the building and stopped at the gate. 

"W-was this my h-house?" He looked at Sirius and then Lupin and looked back again. 

"Yes Harry it was. That was your bedroom." Sirius pointed to the largely blown out hole. "Merry Christmas Harry. I didn't get chance to say it this morning." 

"Thanks. Merry Christmas Sirius."

"I can't believe that it's been nearly 17years since this all happened. Your mother and father died whilst thinking that I was a traitor. They thought that I had been leaking information to Voldamort since you were born." Said Lupin. 

"It's ok. Peter was the scum that let them down. Not you Lupin." He gave Lupin a tear stained smile and they decided to walk back to the tent. They had been in the village for an hour and a half and they all decided to go to bed. 


Over the next two weeks Harry went back to the graveyard each night alone and replaced the flowers a couple of times. He would sit in front of the two graves and just think about anything. He would think about Voldamort, the horcruxes, Ron, Sirius, Hermione, Hogwarts... Anything. But most of all he thought about his parents and he took his photo album sometimes. 

Ron and Hermione arrived at the woods on the same day that Lupin left. 

"Good luck Harry! I hope you succeed with the horcruxes. See you all soon! Goodbye Sirius! Ron! Hermione!" Then he dissapparated. 

"I think we have got a lot of work to do! Don't you?" Said Sirius. They packed up again and arrived in a small Forrest in London. 

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