Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



"Hermione and Ron are back!" Shouted Harry. He was taking guard and it was getting late. "Hey you two! Come inside!" Harry ushered them both inside and towards the dining table where Sirius was sitting. 

"Hello Hermione, Ron. How was your stay at the burrow?"

"Good thanks mate" said Ron.

"Yes, good thank you Sirius." Hermione, Ron and Harry sat down. 

"Well" Hermione started. "We think we have some pretty good news. I was speaking to Mr.Lupin at the burrow and he gave me some good information. First, he told me that horcruxes can only be destroyed in two ways. They are quite hard as well. But we have a good lead." She turned to Harry. "You used the sword of Griffindor to kill the basilisk and luckily enough basilisk venom can destroy a horcrux." 

"Yeh but how does that help?" Asked Harry. 

"Listen! Ron tell them what your dad said.

"Erm yeh, well. My dad told us that the sword of Griffindor takes things into its blade so that it can become stronger. So basically the sword would have taken in the venom. Which means-" Harry butted in and stood up.


"That's brilliant news! However, where is the sword?" Sirius asked. 

"From what he heard at the ministry, dad said that the sword was in Bellatrix Lestranges vault. It's impossible to get in, if your not Bellatrix." Explained Ron.  It was like they had hit a brick wall. The sword could destroy horcruxes, but they didn't have the sword. 

"Ok. So we haven't got the sword, but if we focus on finding the horcruxes, when we do get the sword we will be able to destroy them all in one go. How many are left?" Said Sirius. 

"Harry destroyed Tom Riddles diary in our second year." Said Hermione. 

"Dumbledore destroyed the ring, and we have got the locket." Said Harry. 

"But!" Ron exclaimed. "That's another four! They could be anywhere!" They all sat in silence for a while. 


"Hey. It's pitch black, ill go out and watch." Ron got up and with a thick blanket, sat outside wrapped up. He heard everyone else go to bed after a couple of hours. Ron sat there for a while but was starting to doze off. Then all of a sudden his dilluminator opened in his pocket. He got it out and clicked it shut again. But it reopened. A little ball of light appeared and started to move. 

Ron got up and started to follow it after making sure that everyone was asleep. He followed the little ball of light across an open space and wondered where it was going. Then eventually he noticed that it went near another cliff edge. The light then replaced itself back into the dilluminator. Ron looked over the edge of the cliff and on a jagged bit of rock poking out of the cliffs edge was the sword. 

"The sword of griffindor!" Ron shouted. He carefully lent over the cliff and picked up the sword. He held it for a moment and just stared at it. "I can't believe it!" He whispered to himself. 

He ran as fast as he could back to the tent and woke everyone up.

"THE SWORD!" He shouted. "I'VE GOT THE SWORD!" Everyone woke up in a panic and looked round at Ron. "I've got the sword!"

"Wow! Ron! How did you - where did you - where was it?" Hermione stuttered. 

"Well done Ron" said Sirius. He clapped a hand on Ron's back.

"I was sitting outside and the dilluminator clicked by itself. Then a bit of light appeared. I followed it to a cliff edge and sticking out of the edge was a bit of rock with the sword on! I lent down and picked it up and ran back here." 

"Wicked Ron! I'll go and get the locket." Harry ran inside. 

"Who wants to destroy it? I think Hermione should do it. She has done the most work for it!" Ron suggested. 

"Good idea Ron, Hermione is a great witch, and very smart." Sirius said. 

"I don't know. I might mess it up. Let Harry do it." Replied Hermione. 

"No Hermione, you do it. Three against one! Sorry." Ron passed Hermione the sword. 

"3...2...1" Harry spoke a weird language and the locket opened. Out came a gush of black smoke and Ron saw Hermione hesitating. 

"DO IT NOW HERMIONE!" He ordered. "NOW!" Hermione, with all her strength pulled up the sword and then smacked it down onto the locket. Everything disappeared and the air was clear once more. Hermione slumped to the ground and Ron sat next to her. 

"Good one Hermione! You destroyed it. Now all we need to do is find the other 4 and destroy them." Ron didn't look very high spirited because the daunting task of finding the others still weighed heavily on them all. Sirius picked up the broken locket, gave a warm smile to them all and then disappeared back inside the tent. 


Harry followed Sirius inside and sat down on a chair next to his.

"That was great! I can't believe we have got the sword. We can destroy the rest easily now. But it's just finding them that's the problem."

"Yes Harry. Your right. They could be anywhere and we need to start seriously looking. We are moving again tomorrow so that's a plus I guess."

"Erm, Sirius?"

"Yes Harry?"

"It's getting near Christmas now i think. I would like to go to Godrics hollow to visit my parents graves. It would be nice to go there I think." 

"Oh Harry. Are you sure? It wouldn't be the happiest place to go right now."

"I know but I want to visit them. They are lain there and it would be nice to put flowers there or something." Hermione had heard Harry whilst she came in. 

"That's a good idea I think Harry. Today is the 2nd December by the way. I looked on Ron's clock at the burrow. You could count down the days so you know when Christmas Day is. Good night." Hermione left them to it and went to bed. 

"Ok. I guess we could visit. On Christmas Day though! No earlier. We have work to do. Good night Harry." Sirius also went to bed. Harry stepped outside and sat with Ron.

"Hey Ron. Great for finding the sword. Them gifts have been really useful. We are going to visit Godrics hollow on Christmas Day."

"That's good Harry. But I won't be able to come. I'm going home for Christmas. Sorry mate. Hermione is coming to. But! Lupin wants to visit Sirius so when we leave ill tell him where you are and he can come to you and stay." 

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