Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???




Half an hour had passed and the journey was calm. Harry was stirring and started to rub his head. He grabbed the sides of the sidecar and jumped.

"What the? Where am I? What's goi-" Sirius interrupted and said,

"It's ok Harry, it's me. We are on our way to the Burrow. Are you ok? Mad-Eye knocked you unconscious with a curse. I was not happy!"

"My head hurts! I guess I don't blame him. I was being a bit childish, but I don't want anyone to get hurt!"

"Well all has been good so far actually Harry." But as soon as Sirius had said that they heard someone shout,

"Petrificus totalus!" And a spell flew past Harry's ear. Sirius looked back anxiously and hit the peddle as hard as he could. However, they heard a loud hoot and as Harry looked back he saw Hedwig wafting her winds ferociously in the death eaters face. He fell off his broom and flew toward the ground, thousand feet below.

"Thank you Hedwig!" Harry shouted as she flew next to the bike. 


Sirius and Harry were swarmed by death eaters soon after the last attack. Harry had caught Hedwig and she was safe in her cage on Harry's lap. Spell after spell was being shot at Harry and Sirius. He swerved and ducked, trying his best to keep the bike in the air while trying to save both of their lives.

Harry felt a burst of wind and realised that Sirius had smacked a button which propelled them forward rather fast. They lost most of the death eaters but two still tailed them as they were on firebolt 2013's. 

"Harry shoot some spells and hexes! We need to get rid of them!" Sirius bellowed. 

"Expelliarmus! Crucio! Incarcerus! Petrificus totalus!" Harry screamed. Another death eater went down. 

"Good Harry! Good!" Encouraged Sirius. But the other death eater suddenly shot another spell which hit Sirius and knocked him out. Then he flew away. Harry grabbed the handlebars and guided the bike in the right direction. But as he looked to his left he saw Voldamort. He let go of one handlebar to roar,

"EXPELLIARMUS!" At the shadowy figure. Their wands collided and after a minute of deep battle something happened and Voldamort disappeared. 


Harry wedged Hedwig's cage into the footwell and flew the bike down to the Burrow. After landing Harry grabbed Hedwig, ran into the Burrow and placed her there.

"Harry! Is it you? Are you ok? Where is Sirius? Where are the others?" Mrs. Weasley couldn't stop asking questions, but Harry ran outside to grab Sirius and, with the help of Fred Weasley, took him into the Burrow and lay him on the sofa. 

"Mrs.Weasley he is bleeding!" Harry gasped. A large cut on Sirius' upper arm was now visible. "Can you fix it? Can you sort him out? Stop the bleeding! Something!" Harry was panicking. He pressed his jacket against the wound.

"Watch out Harry. Vulnera Sanentur Vulnera Senentur" Mrs.Weasley moved her wand over the wound and it healed well. She wrapped a bandage around it to make sure. 

"Harry!" Said George as he came down the stairs. "Unfair that we missed the action, hey" he said nudging Harry's shoulder. 

"I'm glad you and Fred did to be honest." He told Fred, George and Mrs.Weasley what happened. As he had finished Ginny ran down the stairs and Mr.Weasley and Lupin came into the house.

"Harry! Dad! Are you all ok? I've been worried sick! Fred and George have been winding me up about it all day." Ginny gave Harry a hug and gave Arthur a hug. Lupin walked over to Harry and shook his hand. 

"I haven't said a proper hello yet Harry! I'm glad you made it ok" then he noticed Sirius. He knelt down beside him. "Is he ok?" Harry knelt beside him.

"A death eater hit him with a curse and he got knocked out and slashed on the arm. Mrs.Weasley has healed the cut but he still hasn't woken up yet. I'll tell you the whole story when everyone is here." Harry gave a weak smile and then got up. Fleur, Hermione, Ron, Bill, and Tonks came into the house together, shortly followed by Hagrid. 

Bill caught everyone's attention and announced, "Mad-Eye is dead. He got hit by Voldamort and fell away down to the ground I suspect." Hermione hugged Harry and Ron in turn. 

"This is horrible, I saw him! Voldamort. Poor Mad-Eye, I can't believe it." Hermione whispered to Ron and Harry. 


After Harry had told his story to everyone, and they had told theirs, most people went to bed. Harry insisted on waiting for Sirius to wake before he went to bed, so Hermione and Ron stayed with him. 

"What a busy day and night. Luckily everyone is ok though, I mean except Mad-Eye of course" said Ron. "Good guy he was. Definitely knew his dark arts! What do you think gave you away anyway Harry?" 

"Hedwig I think, she made a death eater fall of his broom, trying to protect me. Any sign of her yet? Her and pigwidgeon have been gone a while?" Harry answered. 

"Yeh upstairs, I put them in their cages." Said Ron.

"Thanks mate" Harry stared at Sirius' lifeless body for a while. He wondered what memories he may have gained, if he had known Sirius since he was little. If his parents weren't killed. If Peter Petigrew hadn't betrayed them all.  Hermione got up and sat with Harry and so did Ron. They sat in front of the fire.

"Whoa, it's 2 in the morning! Should he have been unconscious for this long?" Ron enquired. This was true, Harry was getting more worried.

"Hermione, is there anything we can do? Other than wait?" Said Harry. 

"Well, you could chuck water in his face!" She gave a little laugh. "Sorry Harry, there isn't really."

"Ok. You two go to bed anyway. I'll sit down here until he wakes." Harry gave a little smile an bade them both goodnight. 

"Goodnight Harry" said Hermione.

"Goodnight mate" Said Ron, clapping him on the shoulder. 

Harry got up, made himself a drink and sat in the armchair next to the sofa. He watched the fire until it was virtually nothing. He felt himself falling asleep, drifting into the dreamworld.


••••> "No, he's not dead!" Harry shouted. "He is my godfather! He isn't dead! It was only a cut on the arm! Nothing serious. Please don't be dead Sirius" Hagrid held Harry by the arm so that he couldn't approach Sirius. They were in a strange room. Then it was a funeral. 

"We are gathered to give grievance to the death of Sirius Black" there were wreaths and flowers everywhere. Harry knelt down next to the burial and cried hard. <••••

"Ahhhh!" Harry awoke with a start. He was sweating and breathing fast, his heart was beating ten to the dozen.

"Are you okay Harry? You were crying in your sleep and moaning about me being dead!" Sirius hovered over him as he said this. Harry sat up.

"Yeh, sorry. I was having a bad dream. Sorry I fell asleep, I was waiting for you to wake up." 

"Well. It was definitely a weird turn of events. How did you get us here Harry? You were brilliant. I notice that I had a large gash on my arm. Damn death eaters!" Sirius gave a little laugh. "I must have been out for about 7 hours! Incredible!"

"Yeh, I was worried. I noticed the cut and Mrs.Weasley sorted it out for you. I'm gonna remember that spell. Hermione and Ron stayed waiting with me for a while but I told them to go to bed." Harry smiled. It was 5:30 in the morning and Harry was very tired. 


Harry woke up at midday after going up to bed with Sirius early in the morning. He lay in bed for a bit, thinking of how Mad-Eye was dead, how he could have been killed, Sirius, Hermione, Ron, Lupin or the others could have been killed. But everyone was safe. He breathed a big sigh of relief and got up and dressed. 

He went downstairs and into the kitchen. "Good morning everyone" he said. 

"It's afternoon now Harry" said Fred and George at the same time. 

"Yeh, good afternoon then. Please can I have a sandwich Mrs.Weasley?" 

"Of course dear! Go and sit outside with the others, i'll bring it to you" she said. Harry went outside and greeted everyone else. They were putting up decorations for Fleur and Bills wedding, which would take place the next day. 

"Harry! Come over here a moment. I want you and the other three to go and collect the flowers from the shop in the village. I could have magicked some, but Molly loved them when we popped down there the other day. Nothing like what I could have made. Thank you!" Said Arthur, Ron's father. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione made their way down to the village. It was a sweet place with very few shops and a little market. They went into the flower shop and asked for their order. While they were waiting they spoke about the previous day, school and also how excited they were for the wedding. Although only Ginny still went to Hogwarts, she informed the others on what was going to happen the next year and so on. 

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