"Stay Away!" He yelled. "You don't want to see me like this."


6. Chapter 5

Karissa's P.O.V.

Hanna threw a pillow in my face making all the other girls laugh.

"Your a jerk." I laughed throwing it back.

"Oh did I tell you ladies, Karissa's dating a criminal." Hanna joked. I rolled my eyes and threw another pillow at her.

"Is she now?" Christine asked. Today Hanna invited me to a girls day with all our friends. It was only about 6 people including Hanna and I. I was hoping this subject wouldn't come up, they would make a big deal.

"He isn't a criminal." I told them. "He just did some stuff he shouldn't." I told them. They all piled around me waiting for me to speak more about him.

"We wanna know about him!" One of them yelled.

"Yes Karissa tell us about Justin, it is Justin isn't it?" Hanna teased. I rolled my eyes. Did I really want to tell them about Justin? Or was it too dangerous?

"Yes his names Justin." I told her sticking my tongue out at her. She giggled rolling her eyes.

"How long have you guys been dating?" Christine asked.

"About a week. Nothing's been really getting serious" Justin and I have been going out. Me and him just usually go out to dinner or a movie. He still acts the same, from the first date. Very out going. But he still has his bad moments.

"How old is he anyway?" Hanna asked.


"I thought he was our age?" A girl asked. I shook my head.

"So Is he your boyfriend?"

"No! We're just going out."

"Why did Hanna call him a criminal?" One asked. All these questions were making me feel uncomfortable and flustered.

"Its nothing." I said. I wasn't going to tell them. They would all be yelling at me about how stupid I was for going back to him.

"Is he hot?" One asked. My eyes immediately widened and blush was painted all over my cheeks.

"Dun Dun Dun!!" Hanna joked. I hid my face in a pillow. "I do have to admit though, he's a hottie." Hanna said.

"Shut up!" I yelled at her laughing. They all laughed.

"I wanna meet him!!" Christine yelled.

"He might kill you." Hanna said.

"Wait he killed a person?!" They yelled.

"Hanna?" I whispered.

"Yeah?" She said while the rest of the girl freaked out.

"I hate you so much." I joked. She laughed and sat next to me.

"What is with you Karissa. You have to break up with him!" Christine yelled.

"He could kill you!" A another girl said. I covered my ears ignoring there comments.

"Oh shut up!" Hanna yelled loudly. They all seemed to quiet down. "Let her choose who she wants to date. And if she dies well...what can you do." Hanna joked. I stood up and hit her in the face with a near by pillow.

"You suck!" I laughed. The girls all got quiet as they hear a phone ring. I knew it was mine. I walked over to my phone which was charging and looked at the name. 'Justin.' Do I answer or do I just ignore? If I answered I knew the girls would embarrass me totally. I heard footsteps behind me.

"Its Justin!!" The person yelled. I turned around and saw Hanna.

"Ugh!! I hate you." I yelled.

"Answer it!!!" Someone shouted.

"Put it on speaker!!" Another one yelled. I shook my head. Hanna cheered along with them. I was getting a headache with them shouting.

"If I do it will you all shut up!!" I yelled. They all nodded, their shouts lowering. I took my phone away from the charger and walked into the circle of my friends. They all had anxious faces as I pressed the green button and hit speaker.

"Hello?" I said into the phone waiting for a reply.

"Hey baby." That deep raspy now said into the phone smoothly. I heard giggles from the girls, I  put my finger over my lips signaling them to be quiet. "Where are you?" he asked.

"Um, at a friends house. Why?"

"When will you be home?" He sounded very rushed and anxious. I was worried about him. He normally wasn't like this.

"In about an hour, why Justin?" I could hear him sigh over the phone.

"I'll talk to you about it when I get to your house." He said It sounded like he was in a rush. I stood up and walked to the bathroom taking him off of speaker. This seemed serious.

"Justin what's going on?"

"I'll see you at your house. Don't worry about me." He said.

"Justin tell me what going on." I said sternly.

"Believe me I'm fine, Just ple-....I have to go."

"Just-" And before I could finish he hung up. Even thought Justin and I weren't a couple didn't mean that I didn't care about him. I got out of the bathroom, back with my friends. But I started packing my things.

"Where are you going?" Hanna asked.

"I'm sorry I have to go. And I have to pick Cheron up from day care today."

"Why cant your dad do it?"

"He's in Florida for a week at a trainers convention. He left this morning."

"And your bring Justin the man killer into your house with your 3 year old brother?"

"He has a sister who's the same age as Cheron. I'm sure it'll be fine." I said putting on my coat. I walked to the door waving goodbye to the rest of the girls. Hanna came to lock the door for me.

"If he tries anything funny, god so help me I will whip his ass!" She said shouting.

"Ok, Ok don't worry I'll text you when I get home." I said giving her a hug. I rushed out of her house.

I walked out into the cool streets. I walked to the bus stop. All I could think about was Justin. I knew something was up. But what was it?


"Cheron stop moving!" I said trying to give him his shots.

But he continued to. I held his arm straight sticking the needle through his shoulder. He finally stopped moving when feeling it inside him. I took the needle out when all the medicine drained. "Now you can go." I saw throwing out the needle. He ran off to his room. Twice a day Cheron needed his medication for his diabetes. It was difficult but I was just happy he put up with it. I was still waiting for Justin. I was getting a bit nervous, but I knew he would make it through. Its been about 2 hours since I talked to him.

Right then and there the door bell rang. I walked slowly to the door, turning the door handle opening it just a crack. I stuck my head through the thin crack and I was absolutely shocked at what I saw.

Bruises, blood, and cuts. All over him.


I opened the door wider. I stepped out still in great shock. He looked at the ground and sniffed. I touched his shoulder and lifted his face looking at his wounds.

"What happened?" I asked concerned. He turned his head shaking it.

"I got beat up."

"Yeah I can see that. Why? How?" I asked him. He didn't say anything he just kept looking at the ground. "Come in." I whispered. He looked up and me. His black eye swollen and red. He nodded. I opened the door and let him in.

He sat on my couch as I locked the door. I walked over and sat next to him.

"Are you hurt anywhere else." I asked him still looking at his wounds on his face.

He stood up taking off his jacket putting it on the side. Then soon taking off his shirt. On his back there were so many bruises I didn't know if I could've counted them all. He pointed to his back.

"Here." I nodded looking at the ground.

He sat in front of me. Even though he was hurt. I couldn't help but admire that beautiful figure he had. How his torso was long and his abs were perfect. No matter how many tattoos he had on his body, he was still beautiful.

"I'm guessing your enjoying yourself." He smiled. I blushed and looked away. Taking my eyes off of his perfect body.

"I-I um, uh."

"Sh, its fine. I was kidding."

When he said that I made me just feel more like an idiot. "Sorry." I said standing up and walking to the kitchen. I turned looking at him making sure he was ok or at least ok. He just sat there looking back at me eyes glued not coming off of me. But I didn't complain.

I took a clean rag out from under the sink and soaked it in warm water. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. He still hadn't moved. I went under the sink one more time and found a small first aid kit. I got out the things I needed. Rubbing alcohol, some bandages, along with my warm towel I had for his wounds, I grabbed an Ice pack while I was there. My dad being the trainer and over protective dad he was would show me how to do these things. How to clean wounds, or to help the wounded. I walked back to Justin who seemed to still be watching me. And he didn't care that I knew.

"Sit up." I told him. He did as I said. I sat next to him and turned his face toward me. I placed the warm towel over the dry blood on his lips, and nose cleaning it off. I tried not to make eye contact with him I knew I would get lost in those eyes. "Are you going to tell me how this happened?" I told him. His eyes were still focused on my face as I cleaned up more blood from his forehead.

"I dont want to tell you." He said.

"And why is that?"

He paused. He didn't say anything. He was either scared or annoyed. But by the way his face looked I knew it wasn't either.

"I'm scared that if I'll tell you...we'll end what we have been starting" He whispered. I stopped rubbing the dry blood that seemed to be already off. I stared into his eyes. They seemed to grow lighter and sad looking.

"Just tell me Justin. And, trust me...I'll stay." I assured him.

He looked down and rubbed his neck. He was nervous, I just knew it.

"I didn't pay." He whispered.

"Didn't pay for what?"

He shook his head. I just wanted him to say it. This week with him has been different he hasn't been this crazy psyco killer that I thought he was. I learned not to judge him. And what ever he was going to tell me I wouldn't Judge him.

"I didn't pay for the drugs."

Justin looked down embarrassed and upset. I didn't say anything. If I did I knew it would come out the wrong way. I just wanted him to finish to give me time to think about what I'm going to say before I say it.

"I was buying them for a while and this week I bought the drugs and I-I told them I would give them the money by today, I gave them the money I owed but they double the price since It was late and I didn't have any more to give. So they beat me up. They kicked me, stomped on me, you know. And the left when they hurt someone coming. That's what happened."

He looked over at me. My face expressionless. I didn't speak, I couldn't get the words out. I felt bad that he got beaten, but upset that he was buying drugs.

"Is that why you hung up." I asked. He nodded slowly.

"I didn't want you to worry-"

"Not worry, your buying drugs Justin. I think I have to worry, your beaten up badly. Why wouldn't I worry?"

He shrugged.

"I just didn't know I was that important to you." He said quietly.

No matter how bad he was he was always important to me. No matter what.

"Of course your important to me."

His hand came on top of mine which rested on his knee. His face coming close to mine, his brown orbs focused on my green ones. With his nose brushing against mine he whispered softly,

"Show me."

I hesitated before pressing my lips on his. He looked down at me licking his lips, his expression begging me to place my lips on his soft ones. I placed my hand slowly on the back on his neck, pulling him down and placing my lips on his. His hand gripped my hip as our lips moved together. The kiss deepening, but becoming harsh. He pushed me on my back on the couch, he hovered over me lips still stuck on mine lips glue. I could feel his swollen cheek from the fight on my face. His hands squeezed my hips every time I denied his tongue access to my mouth.

He took his lips off of me. He looked at me annoyed lifting up his eye brow. I pushed his head back down reattaching my lips on his, taking him by surprise I took charge and pressed my tongue in his mouth. Our tongues fighting, my hands gripping his neck. Things got heated, too heated. But we didn't stop it. Until,

"Karissa?" I pushed Justin off and sat up quickly. We both turned facing the small voice. "What you doing?" Cheron asked.

"Um, come here baby." I said. He walked slowly over to me staring at Justin who was still a bit out of breath. I picked him up and sat him on my lap. He whispered in my ear.

"Who's that?"

"This is Justin, you know Chloe from your class? This is her brother." I introduced him. He kept staring at Justin. Justin stuck out his fist.

"Sup little man." Justin said. Cheron hit his fist with Justin's. Making Justin smile.

"What happened to your face?" Cheron asked, looking at Justin's bruises.

"He um," I tried to think of a good excuse.

"I fell, down a uh, a hill and I hit my face." Justin lied. Cheron just nodded. Only 3 years old he was still like my dad.

"Cheron why don't you go to your room for a little go watch some TV." I said trying to get him to leave.

"What were you both doing?" His little voice asked. Justin and I both looked at each other. Justin smiled but before he could say anything I spoke.

"Nothing sweetie it was just and accident." I told Cheron. Justin rolled his eyes.

"Yeah an accident." He teased. Cheron giggled.

"Go watch TV." I repeated.

"I wanna stay here."

"You can come back in a few ok, Justin needs to get cleaned up."

Cheron rolled his eyes and skipped to his room.

"He looks like you." Justin said. I nodded, he brought his face closer to mine, "I don't think we're done." He whispered.

I pushed him back. "You need to get cleaned up." I told him. He rolled his eyes and sat straight back to me. I took the ice pack placing it over his bruised back.

"Oh!" He gasped. "That's cooled."

I giggled and pushed it lower. He flinched.

"Stop doing that." He joked. I shook my hard laughing. But my laughs soon to die down as I thought how he got those bruises.

"How long have you been doing drugs Justin?" I asked. He didn't speak, I waited a while. But still nothing.

Minutes passed and he finally spoke.

"About a year."

"Can you do something for me?" I asked. I could see him nod.


"Can you stop for me?" That question I believe it hit his heart. He turned this head to the side to see me. I rested my head on his shoulder. I could see his face in perfect view. He kissed over my nose.

"If it makes you happy. I'll try my best. All I want is to see you happy."


I collected Cheron's plate along with Justin's.

"Thank you." Justin said quietly. I nodded and walked to the kitchen.

I put the dirty plates in the dish washer and looked back at the 2 important boys in my life. Cheron sat by Justin poking the Band-Aid that was above Justin eye brow.

"Does that hurt." I heard Cheron asked.

"Mhm." Justin answered eyes glued on the TV. Cheron poked it again. Justin turned to him and tickled his stomach. Cheron's most ticklish part. Cheron fell back on the couch laughing as Justin continued to tickle him. "Wanna poke my cut again silly boy huh?" Justin asked laughing. Cheron laid on the couch laughing as Justin's hands tickled his stomach. I walked over and watched them over the couch. Justin looked up at me. "He's a ticklish one." he chuckled.

I giggled and rested my head on Justin shoulder. Justin's took his hands off of Cheron's stomach. Cheron was still giggling. "I'm gonna go take a shower ok?" I whispered in his ear. He nodded and pecked my lips. Before I walked off he brought me back and placed his lips on my ear.

"Need company?" He whispered. his hot breath tricked down my ear.

"No I'm fine." I told him. He smiled and nodded. "I trust you'll take care of my brother." Justin nodded.

"I will."

"No sugar, or any food. Only water." I told Justin.

"I'll be careful." Justin said. I nodded and walked to my room before going into my room I looked back at Justin. He looked at me and mouthed,

"I wont let you down."

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