"Stay Away!" He yelled. "You don't want to see me like this."


5. Chapter 4

Karissa's P.O.V.

As the waiter lead us to our table Justin's hand came onto my back while walking. We stopped in front of our booth.

"A waiter will be with you shortly." She said with a smile winking at Justin. But he didn't seem to notice.

"Thank you." He said in a rush for her to leave. She walked off twirling her red hair in her fingers. Looking back at Justin.

"Are you going to sit?" He asked standing by me. I got out of my little trance, I looked at the booth before sitting and soon I slid in. Surprisingly he slid into the same booth as I. "I don't like sitting across when I'm on dates." He said putting his arm around my shoulder. I nodded and looked down, moving a little bit to get his arm off of my shoulder. But It didn't work. I just continued to look down and play with my fingers. He lifted up my head holding my chin.

"What happened to that out going loud girl?" He asked. I shrugged. I was nervous for this date. He brought my face closer to his but I pushed him away.

"I'm not here to be your toy." I told him sternly. Before He could say anything our server came.

"I'm Daniel I'll be your server tonight can I get you anything to drink?" He asked. Justin still kept his eyes on me. I looked up at the waiter. I gave a warm smile.

"I'll have water." I said.

"And for you sir?" He asked Justin. Justin turned to him.

"Give me a beer bottled I don't like that tap shit." He said. Daniel rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen.

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking?" I asked him.

"I'm 19." He said. 19! I knew he was older than me but I didn't know 3 years older.

"Oh." I said playing with my fingers looking down.

"How about you?" He asked. I was hoping he wouldn't have asked about personal information. I was still nervous to go out with him, he still wasn't totally on my good side yet.

"I'm 16." I said shyly. I could see him nod.

"Your a little one." He said resting him other hand on my thigh. I put my hand on top of his moving it. "You probably have a lot of questions for me don't you?" He asked smoothly.

"I do."

He sat up straight acting prepared for the questions. I rolled my eyes and faced him.

"How do you know my father?" I asked him.

"He's my trainer."

"Does he know the 'other side' of you?" I asked.

"He knows about some things I do. The word spreads around I guess." He said. Now I know why my dad wasn't to crazy about me going on a date with him when I asked. I thought of another question I've had for a while.

"That little girl you bring to day care is that your, um daughter?" He smiled and looked down chuckling. "What's so funny?" I asked him seriously. He waited a moment before he spoke.

"That my sister babe."

"Oh." I said embarrassed. I felt so stupid. Why would Hanna say that, ugh! I felt so dumb. My cheeks were a bright red.

"What about that little boy is he your son?" He asked still chuckling. I looked at him seriously. Was he kidding?

"That's my brother. And I'm only sixteen Justin remember that."

He just smiled and brought  my ear close to his lips. "You still haven't told me your name." He whispered in my ear. The chill went down my spin as his hot breath hit my ear. I didn't want to tell him my name, cause I was still very suspicious.

"How do I know your not gonna stalk me?" I asked.

"Well I'll try not to." He smiled.

"It's Karissa, Karissa Anderson."

"Beautiful name." He smiled. I nodded.

"Thank you." Right there our server came back. Handing us our drinks. He put down mine softly like he should do. But with Justin's he almost threw the glass, some even splashing out of the glass onto Justin's jeans.

"What the fuck man?!" Justin yelled pissed off. He got up, facing Daniel.

"Justin sit down." I told him. But he ignored me.

"You have your drink bro be happy I even brought it." Daniel's attitude was heard clearly. People started to stare. I hid my face embarrassed and angry. Some how I knew this was going o happen. I saw Justin looked at his drink.

"Didn't I say no beer on tap!? And what do you bring me?! Beer on tap!" Justin yelled pushing the guy. The guy pushed Justin back harder. "You wanna go!!" Justin yelled. I stood up and pulled Justin back while the other waitress held Daniel back.

"I'm so sorry." I told the other waitress. She nodded and Justin and Daniel continued to yell back and forth. Boy did he have anger issues. I turn Justin's head toward me. He looked at me. His jaw was tight and his fist clenched.

"You need to relax." I told him. "Just breathe." I whispered. This mostly worked on my brother, my brother was diabetic and had anxiety. Breathing was always something I would do with him during one of his attacks. It would mostly calm him down. Justin took deep breaths.

"Little shit." Daniel spat. I could see Justin's eyes get darker with anger. He turned to him and yelled loudly.

"You just a big cock slut!!"

"Justin!!" I scolded him. He grabbed his jacket and everyone stood in shock. He grabbed my hand and dragged me out. Once we were outside he sat on the steps and opened a small carton pulling out a cigarette. Before he lite it I took it out of his mouth and threw it on the floor.

"This isn't the time for this." I told him. He rolled his eyes. "What happened over there?" I asked him looking for an explanation.

"You wanna know what happened over there??!!" He screamed. I got scared and backed away. He noticed and put his head down.

"I'm the biggest fucking idiot." He whispered to himself. He looked up breathing heavy. "I'm sorry ok? My anger got the best of me." The pain in his eyes showed. He stood up and walked toward me extending his hand.

The hand coming at me was like a choice. Do I stay with him. Or do I leave and get myself out of all of this trouble.

Courageously I took his hand in mine. His hands were soft, strong and warm. His intertwined his fingers with mine, my hand was much smaller compared to his. But they still fit like puzzle pieces. This was the first time I've ever held his hand.

"Do you trust me?" He asked me as we started walking to the car.

"Honestly, I'm trying to trust you." I said. He smiled.

"I'm happy your trying." He opened the car door for me helping me inside his car. He came around the other side. In his car I could smell his colon. It smelt just like him. He started the car and we pulled off quickly.

"Still hungry?" He asked. I nodded slowly. "We'll find another place to eat."


I could see Justin watching me as I took another bit of my dinner. I looked over to him from the corner of my eye. He licked his lips. I swallowed the small amount of food I had in my mouth.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

That perfect smile came on his face. His fingers brushed on my cheeks.

"You know, your beautiful." He whispered. I shook my head and continued to eat ignoring what he just said. His plate was already empty. He'd eaten his food like it was his first meal in 30 years. We did find a place, much better service then the other restaurant. But we made a mistake of coming to the restaurant I worked for. Thankfully no one really saw who I was. I knew if any workers saw me they would make a big deal. Hiding my face seemed to work for now.

"Are you scared of me?" He asked. His deep, raspy voice ringed in my ears. I turned facing him. His face was serious I knew he was looking for an answer. Was I really afraid of him. Well when he was like this I wasn't. But before and that night I was terrified.

"Not at the moment." I told him.

"What do you mean?"

"Like before I was petrified. And now that your calm not so much."

"Karissa Anderson!!" I heard someone yell happily. Justin and I both turned at the same time facing who I really didn't need to see right now. Her blonde hair bounced as she ran to our table.

"What are you-" She paused when she saw Justin. "Is um?" She pointed to him.

"This is Justin, and Justin this is my friend Hanna." I introduced them to each other.

"Oh, Hello." Hanna said seriously. I could tell she did not like him, at all. Justin gave a small smile.

"Hi." That's all he said. Hanna probably didn't like him cause of all the stuff I told her.

"Well I'll leave you two alone. I'll text you later Karissa." Right after that she left.

"She doesn't like me, I know that for sure." Justin said.

"Um I don't know about that." I told him. But I knew she really didn't. I looked at the time 9:30. "Um I have to be home by 10:00." I told him. He looked at his watch.

"Ok lets get going." He spoke. Be both sat up. He took my hand before exiting the door. I looked at him his face perfect and his eyes set on me. "Get used to this." He said kissing my hand. And we walked out.

I strapped in while he got into the car, he buckled his belt and started the car quick. We drove off. He turned on the radio loud almost making my ears ring.

"Can you lower that." I yelled. He put the volume down to a low level. I sighed resting my head on the head rest. He speeded past cars, I felt like at any minute we would get hit. But I figured if I didn't look at the road then I wouldn't see him driving fast and I wouldn't get that nervous.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" He asked me, eyes not getting off the road.

"I have to work." I said to him.

"What about school?" He asked.

"I don't go to school." I said.

"Why not? Every 16 year old goes to school. What are you home schooled?" He asked. I shook my head leaning it on the head rest. He knew I didn't want to talk about it. and I wouldn't talk about it I wasn't ready to tell him and I didn't trust him completely.

There wasn't anymore talking after that. I don't know why, he just kept his eyes on the road not moving. Not even looking at me once. My house came into sight after about 10 minutes of driving.

"This one right?" He asked pulling up to the third house on the block. I nodded. He stopped the car in front of the house. I slowly took off my belt and picked up my bag. But his hand stopped mine. "Wait." He whispered. I looked up at him our eyes immediately connecting. Our face's only centimeters apart. His hand can up to my cheek slowly bringing my face closer to his. If he wasn't so smooth and slow I would've pushed him away already. But I didn't. And that didn't bother me. He placed this lips on mine, opening part way and closing once hitting my lips. I felt his hand come to my waist and our kiss deepen. Our lips moving in sync.

I felt his tongue graze my bottom lip. And that's when I pulled away. I didn't want to go any further. I looked at the time, 9:58.

"I have to go." I said to him. He nodded and got out of the car. He came to my side and opened the door helping me out.

We walked toward my front door. We stopped once we got there. He came close to me, tugging on my hips bringing them closer to him. His lips attached to mine for a moment but soon his lips kissed down to my jaw. His hand coming up to my neck holding it in place. I was lost in the moment that I really couldn't stop him. And that was exactly what he wanted. He started to kiss over spots on my neck slowly. His lips hit under my ear making me lightly gasp. He knew he had success. He licked slowly over that specific spot. My eyes shutting and my hands on his neck pulling this head further down. He lightly sucked making me lightly moan. He looked up and me and kissed my lips his tongue pushing in not even letting me know. I wanted to push him off but I wanted him to continue I longed for him to continue. I didn't know if it were teenage hormone's or that I just finally wanted to let him in.

His hands came lower cupping my back side and squeezing lightly while his tongue battled with mine. Out of now where I remembered the time. I pulled away quickly. "What's wrong?" He asked still holding onto my waist.

"I have to go. My dads gonna get upset." I told him. I went to open the door when he stopped me again.

"Wait." He took something out of his back pocket and handed it to me. "Put your number in." He ordered. I opened his phone going to contacts quickly and entering my number. I handed it back to him quickly and opened the door.

"Goodnight." I whispered before closing the door.

"Night." He said. He walked off my porch toward his car. I shut the door slowly. And put my back to the door. I sighed and thought. I made it out alive. I smiled to myself thinking of what happened. How he was different with me now. But a side told me. What If this was a game. All these 'what ifs' flooded my head but I took them out. I still didn't know if I could trust Justin, but something in me made me want to. Something in me made me want to give him a chance. Before I walked more into my house I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket. I opened my phone slowly, and read the message, from the unknown number.

" I suggest you be wild that every night. Takes a lot to turn me on,

Goodnight Babygirl. x"

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