"Stay Away!" He yelled. "You don't want to see me like this."


3. Chapter 2

Karissa's P.O.V.

I followed my dad around the gym. This had to been the most boring day of my life. He brought me around where the equipment was and his office, we kept going around in circles from there. Mostly he would just introducing me to other trainers and members.

"So are we almost done here?" I asked him in a rush just to go home and rest.

"We've only been here for an hour. Your staying the whole day remember?" He reminded me. I sighed heavily still following him around. We stopped when one of the employees came up to my dad. He was built with pure muscle.

"Mr. Anderson?" He said extending his hand.

My father took his hand in a firm grip. "Hey Marcus, you remember my daughter Karissa right?"

"How can I forget, I remember she would always run around the gym when she was younger." He chuckled giving me a wink. I gave a warm smile and shook his hand. "How old are you now?" He asked me.

"16." I replied.

He looked at me with a surprised expression. "Time really does fly." He said. "Well anyway, Mr. Anderson you have your 10:00 appointment waiting for you near the bags." He told my father. My dad nodded and took my hand walking with me to the punching bags.

Once we got there, I saw only one person hitting the bag. My dad stopped.

"Why don't you stay here while I go work." He said a but nervous.

"Why?" I asked. He introduced me to almost all of his clients, why not this one? He shook his head.

"Just sit here I'll be done in a few." He told me pointing to a chair and walking off. What was the matter, why didn't he want me to be over there while he trained?

"Weird." I sat to myself taking a seat. I watching them both closely. The were talking, my father grabbed the bag while still chatting with the boy. I could only see the back of the unknown client. He had his shirt off and shorts were almost falling down. I wanted to just got over there and yell at him to pull them up. But I knew I couldn't.

Soon my dad was holding the bag while the boys started to swing his arms a punch the bag. I could see from here that he was strong. How his naked back would get stronger after every punch the muscle would stick out. My dad would yell at him building up his energy. I could tell it was working. He punched fast and must stronger making may dad almost tilt back. After about 10 minutes of punching the boy was sweaty and out of breath. I still could see his face. I wanted the boy to turn around. My dad patted his back and walked toward me out of breath.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom ok. Don't move. And don't say a word to anyone unless you know them ok?" He said.

"Yeah." I nodded. He walked off. He would always be so over protective. But not like this. I could sense trouble. I looked back at the boy he picked up his water and chugged it down fast. But I still could only see the back of him. I don't know why but his figure seemed, somehow familiar. I wanted to see him, I couldn't make out why I wanted to see him but I just did. Something in me longed for me to see him.

And right at that moment he turned and the first thing that stood out to me, even from standing that far away was those, intriguing brown eyes. Fear crept in my body. I froze, but I wouldn't move. I knew he saw me to. He just stared at me with those eyes. He was sweating, and out of breath. I looked from his tanned torso up to his face. He looked at me and soon remembered what happened. He turned quick and looked back. I put my head down. He knew he needed to do some explaining. I stood up and walked to the back. And soon when I looked back he was following. I stopped when I got to the back wall where it was empty. I put my head down and soon his body was in front of me.

"So where ever I am you just seem to be." His raspy voice said. I looked up at his face. It was stern and his fingers running through his sweaty quiff.

"It must be a coincidence." I said quietly still looking down. He shook his head. "What was with you yesterday?" I asked. I was shocked at what I said. I couldn't believe I had courage like that to ask a murderer standing in front of me what happened.

"That you don't have to worry about." He said.

"Actually I do." I whispered. "You weren't gonna let me leave. And I escaped. So I do have to worry."

"Listen what you saw last night was none of your goddamn business. Got it? You don't even know me I don't even know you. And I was drunk. In the morning if you were still there I would've left." He said angry. I kept looking down. I felt like I was a child and I was being scolded by a parent.

"I'm not some child." I told him.

"You cant even make eye contact with me. And if your not a child you would've known to mind your business last night." He said.

"Why did you even come over here with me?" I asked him having enough confidence to look him in the eyes. His eyes pierced through me just like every time. Seeing my pain and anger.

"I needed to do some explaining."

"By telling me to mind my own business and scolding me?" I told him. His jaw tightened and his eyes were flooded with anger. "You didn't have to come over here. How about you mind your own fucking business." I said walking away confidently. I could sense his great anger. He grabbed my arm harshly and pulled me into him until my chest hit his.

"What did you just fucking say?" He whispered. His anger scared me. His hands tightened around my arm starting to draw pain. "You probably don't know me. And you shouldn't know me. But I'm warning you, no one talks to me like that. Understand."

I was scared. But I couldn't let him see it.

"I don't understand. I'm a child remember." I whispered. That's when I regretted what I just said.  His free hand came up and hit my face like a bullet. The sting and pain was overpowering. His strength was too much to handle. A tear came from my eye and fell off my cheek.

"I said do you understand?" He sternly said. I looked him his eyes. He didn't even feel bad for what he did. He didn't care. I put my head down again. "Understand?!" He yelled. I nodded quick. "Good. Now get out of here." He said letting go of my arm. And pushing me away. He walked quickly to his bag as I walked slowly to my chair.

I sat down holding my cheek. Still hurting from before. I could see him gather is stuff and leave quickly, looking back before walking out the back gym door.

"Karissa there you are." I looked back and saw my father jogging toward me. "I was looking everywhere for you. I thought I told you to stay here. Where'd you go?" He asked. I looked back to the area were me and the boy just were. I turned to my father who was still looking for an answer.

"I just wanted to look around. I'm sorry." I told him. He nodded and rested his hand on my shoulder.

"Its fine, just don't wonder off please. now lets go." He said.

I nodded and stood up walking on the side of him where he wouldn't see the red mark on my face. How could he do such a thing? But how could I still be so obsessed with him after everything that's happened.

He's a murderer. And he already hurt me. But somehow he never left my memory. I knew he would never leave.


"What do you mean you don't know his name?!"

I hid my face into my pillow upset and embarrassed.

"You have to know his name by now!! After he Freakin smacked you across the face!!" Hanna screamed.

"Shut up!!" I said covering her mouth. She rolled her eyes an pushed my hands off her lips.

"I'm just saying! Where did you meet him anyway?"

"The daycare. I was dropping Cheron off and he came in with a little girl and dropped her off too." I told her. Hanna was always nosey. But trust worthy. That's why I knew I can tell her about these things.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that was his child Karissa." She said biting her lip. I looked at her confused.

"What do you mean? Do you really think so?" I asked her.

"Well from the way you've been explaining him, he killed a person, has a mouth! And hurt you! Your a girl doesn't he know better not to hit a girl." She said. "This boy is trouble. And I really do think that little girl could be his." I thought for a bit.

But why would he be doing all these terrible things and in the mean time he has a daughter. "I'm just confused. My dad is his trainer though. When my father saw him he just got this look on his face. He told me to sit away from them." She looked at me nodding her head.

"Told you he's trouble even your dad is looking out for you not wanting you to meet him. But he doesn't know you already did."

I shrugged. "He is trouble, I know that for sure. He killed a man he's done things I never knew he would. But I just cant get him out of my head. I...I just don't know why."

"Is he cute?" She asked quickly. A light shade of blush came on my cheeks. He wasn't cute he was beautiful. From the first day I've never seen a better looking guy. She bumped shoulders with me.

"You do think he's cute don't you?" She said with a smirk on her face.

"Yes he is...good looking but I know he doesn't like me. Just look at the way he treated me. I need to learn to stay away from him...But I just don't think I can."

She rubbed my back.

"Hopefully you just don't see him again. But if you do which probably wont ever happen. Just stay far away from him." She sternly said. She caressed her blond hair and put it in a messy bun.

Just Stay Away Karissa. Just Stay Away.

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