I Talk A Lot Of S*** When I'm Drinking Baby (The Vamps Fanfic)

Elizabeth (Lizzie) is a normal 17 year old girl. Well... as normal as a 17 year old girl could be in an abusive relationship. When The Vamps come to town for a signing things get serious and Lizzie and her friend Vicky must to do all they can to stop themselves getting drawn in by the hottest new British band.


1. Preparation

Elizabeth’s Point of View


I opened my eyes and rolled over to turn off my alarm. I sat up slightly and yawned. I ran my hands through my short blonde hair. I checked my phone for any new texts or Facebook messages. As I started to get up, I felt a pair of hands grab my waist and pull me back into the bed. Kieran nuzzled his face into my neck, his breath tickling my skin. He slowly moved his body closer to mine, moving his hand down my thigh in the process. He kissed my neck softly and, when I rolled over to face him, he placed his lips on mine and kissed me. I moved my hands through his hair as he kissed me and then placed my hands on his bare chest. I pushed him away slightly but he continued to pull me closer. He started kissing my neck again.


“Babe I have to go” I murmured.


“You’re not going anywhere.” His deep, sexy voice said softly.


“I have practice.”


“Yes you do… with me” He kissed me again.


I pushed him away hard.


“Kieran seriously.” I said, getting annoyed.


“Sorry, just cause I wanted a bit of fun in the morning.” He muttered, rolling over so he was facing away from me.


I sighed. Great. Well done Lizzie. Upset your boyfriend first thing in the morning. I got up and got dressed into my usual black leggings and dark blue vest top. I looked in the mirror. My short blonde hair was already greasy and lifeless. My pale blue eyes were highlighted by the deep black and purple bags underneath them. The dark red of the scars on my wrist were more noticeable because of my newly pale skin and I put a few bracelets on to try and conceal it. I’d lost so much weight that I now looked like a stack of bones. I grabbed my skates, not being able to spend one more minute looking at my ugly self in the mirror and, before leaving the room, gave Kieran a quick kiss on the cheek but he was already asleep. I smiled slightly and left.




I stepped off of the ice after a hard working lesson with my new skate coach. My friend Vicky was stood at the barrier. Vicky was the tallest out of all of my female friends and she never let anyone forget it. She had long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Vicky handed me my shoes and I quickly got changed out of my skates and into them. I paid my coach, and after she’d had a go at me telling me that I needed to gain weight, Vicky and I left the rink and got into my new jet black Land Rover, fitted with tinted windows. Vicky started chatting about goodness knows what to me but I didn't hear her. I was too busy day dreaming. Before I knew it, there was a hand waving in front of my face.


“Lizzie? Were you listening at all?” Vicky asked.


“Sorry.” I replied.


“Anyway, ready to see The Vamps at their signing today?” she asked, her voice full of excitement.


“Hell yeah…” I started to say but I paused for a moment, “it’s just…” I trailed off.


“Kieran?” Vicky asked the tone in her voice the complete opposite of what it had been only a second ago.


“Yeah.” I sighed.


Kieran was the problem. When Vicky and I had planned our girly day out to see The Vamps at their signing in Portsmouth, Kieran was automatically on the defensive. He knew that I thought that the lead singer, Bradley Will Simpson, was extremely hot and, even though Kieran knew I didn't have a shot with Brad, he was still jealous.


“Look Lizzie” Vicky began to say, her voice stern, “You need to stop worrying about what Kieran thinks all of the time. He’s way to overprotective of you, he is always following you around and he treats you really badly. I don’t understand why you’re still with him when he treats you like this.”


I didn't reply. Instead I turned on the engine and started to drive. I knew Vicky was right, I mean she’s right about everything unless she’s having one of her famous blonde moments but she wasn't stupid. She could read people like a book and always be able to tell if something was off about them. I just didn't want to admit that she was right about Kieran, it wasn't like I didn't have the proof that he treated me badly as the scars on my back would disagree with anything I said if I was to support him instead of Vicky.


We drove in silence until we reached the venue for the signing. We were a couple of hours early but already the crowd control barriers were up and a swarm of people was beginning to appear. Vicky smiled at me as she jumped out of the car and ran to the barrier. I followed her and waited next to her until we were nearly crushed against the barrier by other fans. A black car appeared at the end of the road and the screaming started. Brad, Connor, Tristan and James jumped out and started walking down the path made for them by the barriers. They didn't stop for photos or autographs and walked straight into the venue. Fans were pushing and shoving to get closer to the doors. We were about halfway down the line when the doors opened and the fans started screaming again.


This was it. Vicky and I were going to meet The Vamps. And nothing could ruin it.

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