I Talk A Lot Of S*** When I'm Drinking Baby (The Vamps Fanfic)

Elizabeth (Lizzie) is a normal 17 year old girl. Well... as normal as a 17 year old girl could be in an abusive relationship. When The Vamps come to town for a signing things get serious and Lizzie and her friend Vicky must to do all they can to stop themselves getting drawn in by the hottest new British band.


2. Okay I lied - some things can be ruined

Elizabeth’s Point of View:


This was it. We were really going to meet The Vamps. I pulled out my phone whilst Vicky and I were waiting and logged on to Twitter.


“@lizziessmile1996: Seeing @TheVampsBand at Portsmouth signing with the lovely @vickystep1996 :-) cannot wait.”


Vicky tapped me on the shoulder and pointed in front of us. There were only a few people in front of us and then… we’d be talking with the four best boys in the world. I smiled as we moved closer. Before we knew it we were at the front of the queue. We edged forward slowly. Connor was the first to greet us.


“Hey girls.” He said, a big grin appearing on his face. He picked up a card from the side and signed one each for us and then passed it down the table.


“Hi… um…” Vicky began to say.


“Can we have a photo with all four of you?” I cut in, too embarrassed that Vicky was getting nervous.


“Sure” Brad chuckled.


James, Tristan, Connor and Brad stood up and stood next to us, Tristan with an arm around Vicky and Brad with an arm around me. We smiled as a fan took a photo for us on our phones and then the boys sat back down.


“Thanks” Vicky and I said at the same time.


We picked up our signed cards and left. As soon as we were outside we started screaming and laughing. We just had our photograph taken with THE VAMPS! We were over the moon.


Once again I updated my Twitter:


“@lizziessmile1996: had our photo taken with @TheVampsBand thanks boys ;) with @vickystep1996” I attached the photo and tweeted it.




I froze. Shit. No he promised. He said he wouldn’t. I gulped. Vicky grabbed my hand.


“Come on let’s go.” She said quickly.


She knew he was here and wanted to get me away from him. But I couldn’t leave. I couldn’t even move. Fear had overtaken me. The only way my legs started moving was because Vicky was pulling me along, trying to get me back to the car before he could catch up.




I turned my head back. Kieran was storming towards us. I stopped.


“I can’t do this Vicky. I have to talk to him.” I said, my voice shaking.


“No we are going now!” she replied trying to pull me but I wouldn’t budge.


My heart started beating faster. He said he was fine with it. So why was he here… looking like he could kill something… or someone. I turned around to face him. He stopped directly in front of me so that he was towering over me.


“I thought I told you not to come here!” he said, his voice angry.


“You didn’t say anything to me Kieran…” I started to say.


“Yes I did and you completely ignored me!”


I took a step back but he stepped forward and put his hands on my shoulders. He shook me hard.




The tears started to form in my eyes. This perfect day was being ruined by my stupid boyfriend. I looked away.


“Get off of her Kieran!” Vicky said angrily.


He let go of me.


“Or what.”


“Or I’ll have to hurt you!”


I took another step back so that I could hide behind Vicky. If anyone could hurt Kieran it would be Vicky as she used to be a kick boxer. But Kieran kept coming closer. Vicky went to throw a punch but Kieran blocked it with his hand and pushed her out of the way. I gulped. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a crowd gathering and the door to the venue opening and The Vamps walk out of it. They looked over at us. I looked back at Kieran.


“Come on babe you don’t want to do this. Especially not in front of a crowd.” I said nervously.


Another step back. I wanted to turn and run but I knew that I couldn’t. He got closer… and closer.


“Vicky…” I shouted out in desperation, panicking that something awful would happen.


Kieran slapped me round the face. As soon as he did, Vicky jumped on his back and started punching and kicking him. He threw her off but she wasn’t finished. She ran at him and kicked upwards. He fell to the floor in pain. She laughed slightly. She’d kicked him in the balls. Immediately she ran over to me and hugged me.


“You okay.” She asked.


“just… get me out of here… now…” I stuttered.


Vicky put an arm around me and we walked to my car, with the crowd still watching us. As I got it the car I turned to look back at Kieran who’d just stood up. He gave me a look. A look that meant that this wasn’t over. The Vamps were still stood there as Vicky got in the driver’s seat and we drove off.

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