Opening a New Life

This is a poem I wrote. It is about my feelings towards books. So if you like reading, you might like this poem too


1. Opening a new life


Reading is a spell,

Books are pure magic


They whisper stories to you

And pull you deep into a totally different world

A world where everything can be true:

The swish of of a flying broom

Animals chatting,

Memories of an almost forgotten day

A story of a little lost weeping girl

A fight for life



Things that you cannot even imagine are reality

When they tell you their story,

You can fly, you can spy, you can be free


Your emotions are awakened when you listen to books

Sometimes you fall in love,

Together with the protagonist

Sometimes you feel pure hate

Towards a person in the story

You also feel deeply sorrowful

When your buddy to which you have grown a tight connection dies


When books allow you to visit their world

You experience the most


Beautiful and

Brutal adventures

Opening a book means opening a new life

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