My Hero Didn't Come

This story will have no names and no locations. It is all up to your imagination to fill in the blanks. I'll set up the basic story line, but you, the reader must do the rest. I am not saying that this is about anyone in particular. I just figured it is easier to say no names or locations and to just tell what happened. If you want to know where I got my inspiration from, listen to these songs: How to Save a Life-The Fray, Holding Out for a Hero-Ella Mae Bowen, Hero-Enrique Iglesias, Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol, Arms-Christina Perri


3. Rewind it All

 You say "Take as much time as you need. I've got all day."

 "We spent all day in the meadow. I showed her how to laugh. I told her that she could tell me anything and I would keep it between us. I knew she was hurting, I knew she was in pain, but I didn't realize how much. We walked back to my house, I grabbed a tent and two sleeping bags. Her father wouldn't care if she came home or not. We didn't sleep at all, we just talked. She said to me that night, 'I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero until the end of the night. He's gotta be strong, he's gotta be fast. And he's gotta be fresh from the fight. I need a hero!' It took all I had not to sit there and yell 'I AM YOUR HERO!' but I had to make sure she was okay first. That has always been my priority. I wanted to leave my mom and just take her away from her evil father and make her safe. I needed her to understand how much I loved her as my own sister. I needed her to see that when I 'found' her she was standing alone by the broken tree, her arms were twisted pointed at me. I needed to wrap my arms her and let her know that she was saved. Whenever she came over the first thing I would do is embrace her. Tell how safe and secure she was. I told her that eventually she would be free and she would never have to look back. She could forget it all, her life would better. There are always other options, in life there are two types of day. Rainy, stormy days that send chills down our bodies and sunny, pleasant days that leave us happy and comfortable. Her life was mostly rain, she didn't get a lot of sunny days. She would spend her time either at school, crying in her closet, or talking with me at my house. Everyday she would come up to me and just hugged me, she would say, 'You put your arms around me and I'm home. Please don't leave me to the savage at my house. Please help me, I need you help.'

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