Your dream came true. You finally have a meet and greet with Justin Bieber himself!
But it turned out differently than expected when you met each other.
What happened between you and him? Does anybody know?
It's a passionate story.


2. The meet and greet


You are alone now. There's a huge line, waiting for Justin to finally meet him. You have to go to a door and he is probably there. You think that, you aren't really sure because you never went to his meet and greet. You are so nervous, you can't imagine yourself talking to him.

The line becomes shorter and shorter. There are like seven people for you in line but you don't know if they are together or they are not. On your right sight there is a little mirror. The mirror reflects you and you look lovely. You are hoping that Justin would think the same.

A man in a black suit taps on your shoulder. You look up and he sais: "It's your turn. You have to go through that door and there's your idol. Do you want a glass of water?" You say no and pull your skirt right.

You are touching the door right now. You push the handle down. The door creacks a bit and he's standing there. Right in front of you. Staring at the door. He smiles a little when you come in.



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