Come on Skinny Love

Meredith Addams has never really cared for One Direction. She doesn't like the music and doesn't find the boys amusing. Yet she still ends up at a concert and meet & greet, dragged by her best friend and die hard directioner, Kelly. But what happens when she catches the eye of Harry Styles? When they find themseles stealing flirty glances during the concert? When she finds herself falling in love with the most unexpected person...


6. Chapt 6

I was on my phone playing a game, but by the screams I could tell One Direction was on. I groaned, rolled my eyes and stood up from my seat.

Bad mistake.

Right as I stood up, I caught the eye of Curly yet again. His eyes were soft and he flashed me a smile. As much as I hated to admit it, he was pretty good looking, and he had a nice smile.

The concert dragged on and most of the time I spent sitting. In the middle of the concert, during their twitter questions, they called both my and Kelly's names.

"We want to make a special shout out to a girl here in the first row by the name of Kelly Jango, this ones for you." Curly locked eyes with me the second I looked up. He extended his arm out, signalling Kelly to go up on stage. "You too Meredith." Curly said, his eyes never leaving mine. Shocked, I pointed to myself. He nodded his head and extended his arm once more. Hesitantly I took it an took a seat next to Kelly.

What was I doing?!

I looked out to the audience, thousands of girls screaming and crying stared back at me. Ava glared at me, but her expression changed every time she met eyes with one of the boys or with Kelly. The boys began playing a song that I obviously didn't know yet had Kelly and every other girl in tears. At the end, each of the boys bombarded Kelly with hugs and kisses. Curly wrapped his arms around me from behind,catching me off guard, and gave me yet another kiss on the cheek. After another set of hugs, security helped us down and back to our seats.

"You have a pretty great friend, Kelly. Meredith made all this happen." Blondie spoke into the microphone. Kelly turned to face me and have me another huge hug. "Thank you." She mouthed. I nodded my head and have her another hug.

The second half of the concert I felt weird. My cheek burned from the kiss and my body was all tingly. What was happening to me?

Curly and I exchanged glances throughout the concert, making eye contact and shyly smiling at each other. I don't know why I was doing it, it was as if m body was being taken over by another person. By an actual fan.

By the end of the night, we were all exhausted. Kelly'a face was stained with tears and Ava's eyes were filled with rage. She went to call her mom and we waited behind for the arena to clear out. As soon as Ava left, Kelly and I went to find a place we could wait around and eat while we waited for the majority of people to leave. I felt someone behind me pull me and my instinct was to grab onto Kelly pulling her with me.

The person who pulled me took us backstage where the band was. "Sorry if I scared you." A thick British accent spoke behind me. Curly. 

"Scare away!" Kelly said then quickly covered her mouth nervously.


"I don't know.. I wanted to see you..." He looked nervously at his feet. The other boys were laughing at him in the background a chorus of "oohs" filling the air. 

"You saw me the entire concert." Kelly awkwardly backed away and went to talk to the other guys, leaving me alone. Curly shuffled his feet nervously  as he tried to think of something to say.

"So what'd you guys think of the concert?" Buzz cut said.

"Amazing! You guys were perfection as always! Thank you so much for bringing me up on stage and singing! Best night ever!"

"It was no problem, it was all Meredith's idea." Curly spoke up. I just blushed. I didn't know if I was blushing because I was being put on the spot or because of the way he said my name.

"I felt bad about the picture, so I asked them for a little favor." I shrugged as if it were no big deal.

"Well would you also like another picture?" Blondie asked. Kelly nodded her head excitedly. The 7 of us got into position as a member of the crew took the picture. This one turned out better not only because the pose was right, but because Ava wasn't there.


Oh how I couldn't wait to rub this is her face. So what if I didn't really care for this band. I was backstage hanging out with them post-concert while Ava was probably stuck in traffic. I wasn't going to pass this up.

For the next few hours we all talked and laughed. I may not like the band's music or anything, but I had to admit they were pretty cool guys once I got to know the real them. It just felt like I was talking to 5 normal boys.

By the end of the night, they all made me master their names and teased me for being there and not knowing anything. I still called Harry Curly though, it was funny. His legs kept brushing against mine and every time there was some sort of contact my body tingled all over again. Every time we made eye contact, it lasted longer and longer. I couldn't stop smiling all night and I didn't know why I was feeling like this.

"Wow it is late, we should probably be heading out." Kelly glanced at her phone and stood up to stretch. I yawned as I pulled out my own. It was almost 2 in the morning, we had been talking to the boys for over 4 hours. I also had about 20 texts and 15 missed calls from Brendan. I groaned, ugh ill deal with him tomorrow, I thought to myself.

"You shouldn't be driving this late, come onto the bus. It'll be a lot more comfortable." Louis asked us.

"As appealing as that sounds, what about the car?" 

"Paul will take it. Come on we don't want to risk Kelly or you falling asleep while driving."

"Yeah, mere. Plus it's well past curfew, we can't drive anyway." Everyone begged and I caved.

"Okay fine, well ride on the bus. But no funny business! Just straight home."

"Yes your majesty." Curly replied, bowing down. I laughed and rolled my eyes, gathering my stuff.

We all piled into the tour bus and began the long ride home. Somewhere along the way, I dozed off.

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