Love at first sight

Beth is new in school and luke is the normal boy who is loved by most people. When Beth walkes through the school doors for the first time luke falls for her and she does the same. Will they become friends and tell each other how they feel? Is this going to be love at first sight?


3. Meet the rest of the janoskians

~end of school day~ 

~at lockers~

~Beth's P.O.V~

"hey Beth..." Luke said while I was putting my things in my locker. "Yes?" " I was wounding if you would like to come round to mine for a bit and meet the rest of the janoskians?" At that point I turned around with a huge and stupid smile. " oh my god YESSS!! Please!! Thank you thank you thank you!!" I attacked him with a bear hug. " Beth, please let me go, I can't breath" " oh, sorry" "no problem" I finished putting my books away and walked out the school with Luke. " oh dam I nearly forgot!" Crap I need to tell my mum I won't be coming home! Hope she doesn't shout... She can be aggressive sometimes...ever since dad left she's been so angry. 

" what is it?" " I need to tell my mum that ill be late sec I need to text her." "Sure" 

i got out my phone and text my mum.


Hey,mum I won't be back till later on I'm of to a new frIends house. 

                                            Beth xxxx

" done. Hope she's not mad" we carried on walking to Luke's house. " why would she be mad?" "What?" How did he no she would be mad? " you said you hope she's no mad." " oh was that out loud? Yeah I hope she's not, ever since dad left she hasn't been the same" "your dad left?" 


B- yeah,um well, he got arrested.

L-oh,erm if you don't mind me asking, what for?

B- oh, we'll....when I little my dad used to hit and punch and kick and beat me, he told my mum if she ever went running to the police he would kill me or hurt her. So when I was 13 my dad was so drunk he came home and well...beat me so much I was crying so loud I guess next door could hear me, so they rang the police and took him away. So yeah..." 

Luke listened to it all and after I finished I must of been crying a little because Luke stopped and pulled me into a big hug and told me that everything will be Alright. 

" thanks Luke. I'm glad your my friend,we are friends aren't we?" Just making sure :)

"yeah, bestfriends :)" " yey!" Just as I said that we arrived at Luke's house. And at the same time I got a message. 

                                   Beth: yeah that's fine sweaty but you need to be home soon, there's a surprise for you. Love mum xxxxx

thats strange . 1) she never says yes 2) surprise? 

We walked in and luke closed the door behind him. 

" beau! Jai! Come hear!" Luke shouted. " hey Beth take a seat." "Thanks but I need to leave soon my mum said so." I took a seat on the sofa as Luke spoke " oh okay." Just then 2 lads came running down the stairs..." What do you want?" Jai asked. We have a guest" he pointed to me I stood up and walked towards them. " hi, I'm a big fan" "wow, your beautiful, oh erm, hi I'm jai but I gues I don't need to introduce my self" I laughed " And I'm beau but I guess you already no that! Hi" " hey, erm beau?" " yeah?" "You erm...have something on your face...hear let me get that of............there" " thanks...jai!! Why didn't you tell me!" I couldn't help but laugh. " sorry man! Haha" just then I got a text. 

                                                     Beth: come home now! Surprise waiting for you! Mum xxxx

great. " oh erm guys I need to go its my mum." I looked at Luke. " oh yeah do u want me to walk you home" " yes please." " awwwww has Luke got a little crush!" Beau shouted out "shut up man!" I couldn't help laugh At how much Luke was blushing...he doesn't like me does he? he can.. Can he? Because I don't like him that way...I don't i promise...I think. Anyway me and Luke walked out after saying good bye to beau and jai. 

~skip walk home~ 

we got to my front door and I opened it up and said good bye to Luke. I clossed the door and went to the kitchen to find my mum and.....NO IT CAN'T BE... what the hell is he doing here?!?!?!

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