Beyond What He Thought Was Reality

Tom wakes up.
He doesn't know how he got there.
He doesn't know where he his.
There is only one other person who has survived.

Tom believes magical beings exist, he just doesn't know where they are.


1. Alone

Tom wakes up into a world of black and white.

He wakes with his head throbbing.

He gets up unable to use his legs for the first few seconds but after clinging on to his bed, he manages to walk. He walks out of the room and to his surprise straight outside into the open. His looked around to see if he could see anyone but no, he was alone. He looked down to the dusty floor and it seemed as if this place had been attacked or destroyed, huge bits of metal were lying on the ground and some were propped up against the many mud huts in the area. This huge space of desert-like terrain was suddenly cut off with a rickety fence around the edge of what appeared to be a circle surrounded with luscious green trees. He could see birds swooping up and around the very tops of the trees that seemed miles up and he could see monkeys swinging happily within the branches.

Tom was surrounded by a jungle.

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