Insignificant little Sophia

There are over 7,000 billion people on earth, amongst them lives a girl named Sophia. Sophia has questions which no one can answer. 'If you're dying, how can you still be living? And if someone is dead where do they go? Sophia is just nine years old and nobody takes her questions seriously, not her parents, her sister, or her teachers. Only one person really takes an interest in little Sophia, Norman Harford, the old man across the road. Norman and Sophia develop a friendship like no other, together delving into the deep, dark world that is death.


3. Norman Harford

On my way to the school office I'm feeling happy as anyone would if they left school at lunch. But I have a bad feeling about this. As if disaster is looming. And yet again I don't know why.

A sudden thought struck me. I have absolutely no idea who this person is! But when I arrived I spotted a worn out looking man perching on the sofa. The man across the road. The man who always gives me 20p (he's very old, and I mean old. He probably thinks I can buy 10 packets of sweets and a magazine with it or something) and a mint humbug every time we see each other. I didn't even know his name! 

"Sophie! (I believe he didn't know mine either) That was quick, you better come with me. I have some news." He said kind of ominously, but I followed him awkwardly down to the car park to an ancient green Morris Minor. Quite cute really. As I settled in the passenger seat he hastily offered me a mint humbug, which I took gladly. "So Sophie -"Sophia! Please." sorry, Sophia. I'm sorry...I'm terribly, terribly sorry to have to tell you this but your...your Mother is missing so I'm afraid you will be living with me for a while - its either me or a care home." Norman announced. He was clearly waiting for me to break down in tears, but I know my Mum. She's like me. If things get to much she runs away for a while and calms down - this time the issue was clearly my Dad's death. Norman was obviously surprised but nevertheless started the car -I was amazed it actually started- we drove of at a maximum of 2mph, I could hardly hear him start talking again over the sound of the old engine. 



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