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Abbie was a normal teenager well she still is... But her life went inside down a year ago when she had a one night stand with Mr. Harry Styles .... When her dad found out what she had done he started abusing her and her 14 year old sister..... Read to find out what she decides to do


24. She's gonna be mine

Niall's P.O.V

me and louis desided to go and have a look around Melbourne and go shopping, we were walking down this street with the odd fan wanting pictures and stuff, when I saw her, her long brown hair, her brown eyes, it was her...Maya my childhood best friend, the one I had, had a crush on for years. But then I went on the xfactor and we lost contact, I have been trying to find her ever since.

i walk up to her, her friends noticed me and started to scream, fans. She turned around and our eyes met, we just started at each other when she suddenly ran in to my arms, I wrapped my arms around her and spun her round not wanting to let her go. I finally put her down.

"niall I can't believe" she said to me

" me either, I missed you so much" I said hugging her again

"I missed you to nialler" 

cough, cough

we turned around and saw louis and her friends looking at us in shock

"oh um yeah louis this is maya" I said

" ohh so ur the one he has a crush on"

"LOUIS" I shouted at him, maya just looked at me and I smiled.

"Lauren,Sophie,Ellie this is Niall"maya said

we all decided to go shopping together, and me and maya talked together catching up on what had happened since we last saw each other.


Abbie's P.O.V

Me and Harry had just come out of the doctors with some good new, I was pregnant. But I also had a fever and had to talk some tables to get ride of it, we were told to be careful because I was pregnant and had a fever it wasn't the best for the baby but it should harm the baby.

"I can't believe we are going to be parents" harry said showing off his dimples as we were driving back to the hotel 

" me either babe I never thought it would happen" I said

" do you want to tell anybody yet?" Harry asked

"yeah we can ring your parents  and tell the boys but not the fans" I said

"yeah I thinking that as well, we could go out for dinner tonight and tell th boys then" harry asked


We arrived back at the hotel and was greeted by Paul 

"So what the diagnosis "

" I'm pregnant " I said

" oh congratulations guys" Paul said smiling, giving me a hug and shaking Harry's hand

"Thank you" harry said putting his arm around my waist

we went to our room and harry text the guys saying about going out to dinner and they all replied with a yes 

" is it alright if I ring my mum" harry said

"of course it is babe" I said smiling 

" let's do it together" he asked

"alright" I said and harry dialed his mums number after 3rings she answered

"harry baby, how are you?" Anna asked

"I'm good thanks mum, me and Abbie have some news for you" harry said

"okay" Anne said not to sure

"well.... Abbie's pregnant" harry said

"OH MY GOD really I'm so happy for you" she said sounding over the moon

"thank you mum"

"is Abbie with you" 


"congratulation" Anne said

"thank you Anne" I said

"I'm so happy for you guys but I must go"

"okay mum,talk to you soon love you" harry said

"yeah bye Anne"

"bye love" and with that the call was over


a/n so is maya nialls new girlfriend. I think you guess it 


































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