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Abbie was a normal teenager well she still is... But her life went inside down a year ago when she had a one night stand with Mr. Harry Styles .... When her dad found out what she had done he started abusing her and her 14 year old sister..... Read to find out what she decides to do


23. Morning

Harry's P.O.V

today I'm taking Abbie to a doctor to see what is wrong with her, I'm really worried that it is gonna be something really bad. But I need to stop thinking like that...

me and Abbie are laying in bed in our hotel room, today we can do what we want and tomorrow we start the tour.

I was watching Abbie as she was sleeping, she really was beautiful and I was so lucky to have her, and she started to cry in her sleep. Then suddenly she screamed ad was crying really hard, but all in her sleep.

"Abbie baby" I said trying to wake her

"HARRY NOOO!" She screamed out in her sleep

"Abbie baby I'm right her" I said and she suddenly woke up and she was shaking, breathing heavy and still crying.

" Abbie" was all I said while trying to get her to look at me, when she did I pulled into a hug and tryed to calm her down

"baby what happen" I said softly, she didn't say anything so I left it there for now, 

"if you don't want to let me about it it's fine," she just nodded

"how are you felling this morning" 

"a bit better tbh "

" that's good but, I'm taking you to the doctor okay"

" no harry honestly I'm feeling a lot better today"

"I don't care your going, I hate seeing you  ill and upset"

"ugh, fine" she said 

We soon got dressed and headed our to the doctors


Niall's P.O.V

I can't believe it, I think I have just seen her... 


A/N I'm so sorry this chapter is shitty but I don't have a lot of time and I saw comments saying update to I thought I would do a quick one but I think I will update tomorrow.

thank you to everyone that likes it, it means so much :)






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