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Abbie was a normal teenager well she still is... But her life went inside down a year ago when she had a one night stand with Mr. Harry Styles .... When her dad found out what she had done he started abusing her and her 14 year old sister..... Read to find out what she decides to do


5. Im sorry

so right now me, rosy and harry are watching 'the hunger games' my favourite film... before we started watching the film we sorted out our sleeping arrangements rosy had the spare bedroom and me and harry are sharing his bed because I said ill sleep on the sofa and he said no he will then I said no I don't want to take your bed knowing you are on the sofa which no offense its not the softest so we both agreed to share his bed. 

on the sofa there is rosy, me and then harry its a big sofa so theres room but harry is starting to annoy me because he keeps trying to do the 'yawn-arm-over-shoulder' thing and I just feel uncomfortable because I don't like him like that I just see us as friends but don't think sees us like that. We just meet again today after a year and he Is sort of the reason why i'm here. 

"im hungry do u have anything to eat" I asked harry

"umm.. no I need to shop but there is a chip shop round the corner I can go get us some chips" he said unsure of what the answer might be

"yeah sure, that okay with you rosy"


"okay ill be back in a bit" harry said getting to and putting his shoes on and heading out the door.

I waited till he was gone then I started talking to rosy

" remember I sad how  knew harry" I said to rosy

"yeah but you don't need to explain I guessed it myself"

"oh" was all I said

" I kept seeing harry trying to do the 'yawn-arm-over-shoulder' thing" rosy said smiling

"aha don't I don't like him like that just as friends but  think he still likes me"

Harry's P.O.V

when I got back I hear abbie and rosy talking I stopped and listened to what they were staying even though it was rude

"I kept seeing harry trying to do the 'yawn-arm-over-shoulder' thing" I heard rosy

"aha don't I don't like him like that just as friends but  think he still likes me" and at that point I dropped the bag of chips and ran up to my room and slammed the door.

I couldn't believe she said that I thought she still liked me. the way she looked at me. yes I still liked her I never stopped trying to get in touch over the past year but being away on tour made it hard o do that I text h everyday until the texts didn't go thought so I guessed she got a new number. I layed in my bed trying to sort things out in my head. when I heard the door open I just turned over and faced away from the door and the person. I knew who it was. Abbie I felt the bed sink and then Abbie's voice.

"im sorry Harry I really am, I now you heard me and Rosy taking..." she said trailing off.  I just stayed quiet

"I didn't mean It... I know I said I didn't like you anythink more that friends but when I heard the door slam I knew what I said what wrong and I do like you..." I turned over to face her

"i like you too" i chuckled

ours eyes locked together, i started to lean in and so did she

"everything alright in h-oops sorry" Rosy walked in and we jumped away from each other rosy walk out and then we got up and eat our semi-warm chips.

A/N sorry this chapter is crappy but yeah...


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