1 year ago

Abbie was a normal teenager well she still is... But her life went inside down a year ago when she had a one night stand with Mr. Harry Styles .... When her dad found out what she had done he started abusing her and her 14 year old sister..... Read to find out what she decides to do


25. Concert

A/n sorry I haven't updated in a while haven't had any ideas, and still don't so this chapter might be crap but I'm sorry if you have any ideas please let me know :)

abbie P.O.V

So today is the boys first concert of the Midnight Memories tour ( sorry if I said it was the Take Me Home tour, I decided to change it)  and their all really excited for it except Niall..... I'm worried about him, I think it might be because Maya's gone and he misses her... I'm not sure.

"NIall" I said sitting down next to niall, we were backstage waiting for the show to start

"mmm" was all he said

"nial, what's wrong, and don't say nothing because we both know that's not true" I said hoping to get something out of him, he sighed and said

"Fine, Maya's gone home and she said she doesn't know if we can see each other again" he said with a sad face

"aww, I'm sure she didn't mean it" 

" she did.... Abbie....please help me get her back, I really like her, to be honest I always have"

"of course I'll help you" I said smiling he pulled me in for a hug

" thanks Abbie "

" no problem nialler"

At that point harry walked over

" what's going here then?" He said sitting down and pulling me onto his lap

"nothing" I said and kissed him

" let's tell them" i whispered in his ear

"you sure?" 



"well when we went to the doctors yesterday....." I trailed of letting harry finish

"we found out  that Abbie's pregnant" he said

" OMG congrats guys" zayn said with everyone following

after everyone had said their congrats it was time for them to go on stage.


they opened with strong, everyone was screaming and they looked like they were having so fun fun out there. Next they sang happily. My favourite song of the album. Them midnight memories.....


 Soon enough the show was over and we made out way back to our rooms

harry was already in bed by the time I had taken my makeup off ect. I climbed in and  harry life's his arm and put it round me , I layed my head on his chest

"night babe" I said

"night baby" he said and we kissed goodnight, soon enough I was asleep while harry was on his phone.....












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