They Don't Know About Us // n.h

After Summer goes through multiple traumatic events in her life-time and is tranferred from the states to London, what happens when she meets One Direction Irish lad, Niall Horan? Will she fall in love with him or another lad?

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5. What the Hell Just Happened?

I have been living in London for a week now, working and constantly updating Mel, and I have yet to explore the city for my self-knowing. I pick my phone up from the bedside table, texting Mel to tell her that I won't be able to talk today. I drag myself out of bed and into the hot shower. The water trickles down my body as I try to decide where I'll start before I turn the shower off and step into my bedroom, wrapping a towel around my body.

I look through all of my clothes before deciding on a pair of white skinny jeans, a 'flowy' teal blouse, and a pair of white and teal Jordan's. I pull on the blouse and step into the jeans before sliding on my shoes. I stand in front of the mirror, observing my reflection.

I am very Atelophobic. I am pretty, I guess, and I'm funny, sweet, smart, carefree, and reckless. Why am I never good enough for anyone? It seems that the guys that I never really like are the guys that I'm good enough for, and the guys that I really like are the guys that I'm not good enough for. I just...

I shake my head as I try to clear it of my negative thoughts, but as I do, I accidentally run into someone before falling on my ass. "Christ, watch where you're-" I begin, but immediately stop as I see the person before me. My breath hitches and my body freezes.

"Are you alright, love?" He asks, reaching his hand out for me to take. I am still frozen, occasionally blinking to let him know that I am alive but not breathing.

I slowly try to catch my breath as my heart races out of my chest. I can't believe I almost swore at Niall Horan. I observe him as he hovers over me. His bleached hair pushed up, his blue eyes piercing into my hazel eyes. It's a wonder that I can't breathe, he's fucking gorgeous. I reach out and grab his hand before he pulls me up, making me crash into him.

I take in a deep breath, trying to hide the fact that I am breathing in his scent. I've never smelt anything like it, it's.. so perfect.

He holds me at arms' length, observing me, making sure I didn't hurt myself. "You don't look so hurt, love. You look fine." He smirks at me.

Did Niall Horan just say that I look fine? No. I shake my head. I must be dreaming. I look up from the ground and glance at the scene before me as Niall stares at me with piercing, concerned eyes.

"You're not fine?" He questions.

I freeze. This isn't a dream. "I- I'm fine. I think." I manage to stutter.

He stares at me for a moment. "Come on, come with me."


He shakes his head, laughing. "I'm going to make sure you're alright."

I pause for a moment. Please, no hospitals. I hesitantly take his hand as he leads me to his car.

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