They Don't Know About Us // n.h

After Summer goes through multiple traumatic events in her life-time and is tranferred from the states to London, what happens when she meets One Direction Irish lad, Niall Horan? Will she fall in love with him or another lad?

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1. My Traumatic Life

Here I sit, staring out the window of the car as we rode past the beautiful scenery. I just need an escape from reality. From the real world.


I looked at my phone, noticing a new text message.

From: Lukeybear

Hey babe. I'm sorry, I have to cancel our plans for tonight. Family emergency.

To: Lukeybear

That's alright. I love you.

From: Lukeybear

Yeah. ILY too.

I decided to go over to Luke's house to help with the family emergency. His house was basically my home away from home, so I didn't knock. After I opened the door, I heard giggling from the upstairs bedroom. I walked upstairs, opening the door to find my bestfriend, Amber, naked and in bed with him.

"Shit." He mumbled as soon as he noticed me.

I looked at the both of them with disbelief before running down the stairs, crying. I walked out of the door, struggling to find the right key for my car because of my clouded eyes. I finally found the key, ignoring the constant yelling of my name, almost slamming Luke's hand in my car door.

I drove anywhere I could, for hours. I didn't want to go home, so I drove to the park, sitting on a swing, thinking.


The only reason that I now have to live is only because of my bestfriend, Melissa, and One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Ed Sheeran, Emblem3, All Time Low, Simple Plan, and Maroon 5. Without them, I am completely and utterly worthless.

When I was 14, my parents died in a horrific car crash. It was snowing and their windshield wipers stopped working. They slid on a sheet of black ice and fell off the side of a cliff. Ever since the accident, things have not been the same again. My brother left me by myself and I went into foster care. No one wanted me. All of my foster parents said that I was too much to handle.

When I turned 21, I was released from foster care. I found a job a few months after, where I met Melissa and Amber.

After growing up on my own for two years now, and after everything that I've gone through, I only have one bestfriend, Melissa, and that's who I am with, riding cross-country to clear our heads.

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