They Don't Know About Us // n.h

After Summer goes through multiple traumatic events in her life-time and is tranferred from the states to London, what happens when she meets One Direction Irish lad, Niall Horan? Will she fall in love with him or another lad?

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4. London

I step out of the plane and into the airport, looking around before asking for a taxi. The driver takes my bags from me and places them in the boot of the car before sitting back in the drivers' seat.

"Where to, Miss?" He asks.

I pull out a piece of paper and read the address off to him. He nods and puts the car in gear, looking all ways before pulling out and onto the road. I put my headphones, clicking on One Direction's Take Me Home album, looking around at the scenery that is London.

As we drive past the London Bridge, London Tower, and the Thames, my breath completely hitches. I had always dreamed of being here, but never thought that it actually would happen. I breathe in the beautiful scenery and close my eyes, with the words "I can make your tears fall like the showers that are British" echoing in my head as Louis sings.

When I open my eyes, the driver is pulling into a long drive before a beautiful house. Trees surround the drive, from start to finish. The house is a beautiful brick, two-story. I open the car door to walk up the stairs, grabbing the key out of my pocket and unlocking the door. The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior. The walls are a cheery stained wood, and the fireplace is brick, with a beautiful cheery stained wooden mantle. The couch is an off-white color, and the dining table is glass, with six chairs seated around it.

I walk through the living area and dining area into the kitchen. I gasp at the sight. The counters are marble, and the island in the center is marble, also. The refridgerator stands on the opposite side of the sink, and the gas stove is beside the sink. A cutting board hangs on the wall above the counter that rests in between the sink and stove.

I turn out of the kitchen and down the hall that is beneath the stairs, revealing a room before the stairs that leads to the basement. I turn back around to head up the stairs, revealing three bedrooms. My name is shouted from the downstairs living area.

"Ms. Hemmings?" It's the taxi driver.

"Coming!" I yell back, turning and walking back down the stairs.

"Ms. Hemmings, here are your bags. I should get going. Enjoy London." He smiles politely at me.

"Of course, thank you. How much do I owe you?"

He checks something before answering me. "74 pounds, ma'am."

I frown at that. "I don't have any pounds, yet. American money?" I try to force a smile on my face.

"Yes, ma'am. That should be..... $85.10." He looks up at me.

I nod and reach into my clutch, pulling out $90, handing it to him. "Keep the change." I smile.

He nods and walks out of the house, closing the door behind him. I let out a breath that I didn't realize I was holding and collapse onto the couch.

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