They Don't Know About Us // n.h

After Summer goes through multiple traumatic events in her life-time and is tranferred from the states to London, what happens when she meets One Direction Irish lad, Niall Horan? Will she fall in love with him or another lad?

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3. Leaving the States- Part2

Melissa and I finished the final two edits, placing them into the folder. She walked to Mr. Benson's office, handing him the folder before we both entered my office, placing two boxes on top of each other and taking them into our arms.

We sat the boxes in the boot of the car and sat down inside the car. She turned the radio on, just as "Kiss You" by One Direction was beginning. We both looked at each other, smirking before singing the song loudly.

"Oh, I just wanna show you off to all of my friends, making them drool from their chinny-chin-chins. Baby, be mine tonight, mine tonight. Baby, be mine tonight, yeah."

I tilted my head back and laughed. Niall's solo had always made me laugh and the words felt so right. Niall is perfect. In every way.

When I lifted my head back up to face the road, the road had disappeared and we were pulling into the drive. Melissa turned the ignition off and we both opened the doors, getting out to go inside the house.


It took 4 hours to pack everything that I owned. 3 bags. How am I going to keep up with my luggage? As I was beginning to think of all the possible ways to do so, my phone rings.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hello, Ms. Summer, it's Mr. Benson. I just wanted to inform you that you'll be taking the company private jet. There will be a man awaiting your arrival with your name on a sign. Have a nice flight and good night's rest."

"Thank you, Mr. Benson. You also, good night."

"Good night to you, Ms. Chloe." He hangs up.

I sigh and plop onto my bed. I begin thinking of what London will be like as I drift to sleep.


The next morning I wake up and look at the clock. 11:49am. My plane leaves at 2pm, and I need to get there at 1pm to ensure that I won't miss my flight.

I quickly scramble out of bed and into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and strip myself before stepping underneath the hot water. It relaxes me and I feel at ease.

I step out of the shower, walking into my closet, pulling out a beautiful blue dress and black heels. I put on my black lace undergarment and slip into the dress before slipping on the heels. I brush my hair into a messy bun and place a thin coat of eyeliner underneath my eyes.

12:29pm. I need to leave. Now.

I walk out of my room and downstairs, where Melissa sits at the counter, ready to leave. She looks up and smiles at me, grabbing her keys. She picks one of my bags up off the floor, opening the door and stepping outside. I pick the last two bags up and follow her. She has the boot of the car opened, waiting for my final two bags. I place my bags in the boot and close it, walking around the car before getting inside.


The ride to the airport was quick because I was in a hurry. Melissa received a pass so that she could walk into the airport with me to say goodbye.

As I step into the airport, it is 1:49 and I immediately glance around before finding a sign that reads "Ms. Summer Hemmings". I glance at Melissa and we both stand up, immediately wrapping our arms around one another.

"Don't forget to call me when you land, and text me everyday." She says.

"I won't. I promise."

She hugs me tighter and then releases me. I pick my three bags up and walk over to Bryson.

"Good evening, Ms. Hemmings." He greets me.

"Good evening, Bryson." I smile.

Bryson takes my bags from me and escorts me to the plane. I wave a final goodbye to Melissa and step inside the overwhelmingly large plane. I immediately sit in a window seat before a flight attendant approaches me.

"Good evening, Ms. Hemmings. Would you like any refreshments?" She asked.

I glance up at her. "Um, yes. Do you have a menu?" I ask.

"Yes, ma'am. I'll be right back." She says and walks away.

I glance out the window and she returns within a few seconds, handing me the menu. I look over the menu twice before deciding.

"I'll take the chicken alfredo with broccoli and a glass of white wine." I say, handing the menu back to her.

"Yes, ma'am." She walks away and into the kitchen.

I reach to my bag, retrieving my IPod, placing the earbuds into my ears, and pressing play on "Over Again" by One Direction. This song felt like a mockery of my life, referring to the relationship that I had with Luke. His heart definitely wasn't in it and I regret everything.

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