Different ....

Alice always thought she was different. She never has fit in with the crowd. She had one friend , Kelsey , you don't hear of Kelsey much now as she has died. In a car crash. Until she sees Kelsey and it changes everything .......


2. The News

I stayed up all last night , I couldn't even eat my dinner. I didn't watch TV at all and I stayed upstairs the whole night. It came to 10:55 pm , the time I go to bed and I lay in my pyjamas , The clock hit 12:00 am and I had school the next day. I still couldn't get to sleep. I ended up eating Super Noodles and watching Spongebob till 3:00 am! I really wanted to go and see her but I knew it was too late at night. I ended up going to sleep  for 2 hours but I woke up with all super noodles on my stomach.I ran upstairs and took a shower. The pellets felt like bullets. Which hurt, I dragged my self out of the shower and looked through my wardrobe. I picked out a nice white tank top  and a pair of high waisted shorts and my pastel pink Converse. That was Kelseys' favourite outfit that I wore/had. I put on a ton of make-up. Kelsey always said that I looked pretty but , I don't think that I am. I have really dark hair  and sharp blue eyes with pale skin I looked like this -

Honestly I think, I'm ugly. So I put on foundation , concealer , eye primer , eye shadow , mascara ,eye liner , M.A.C powder, other powders ,lip balm , lip stick (nude) ,lip gloss.

Kelsey on the other hand doesn't need make up she is perfect.  She has blonde  hair and green eyes , she looks like this - 

But her laying there yesterday she looked completely different....


Anyway. Since I had all them super noodles I wasn't really hungry. By the time I finished everything it was 7:20 am . School started at 7:45 am .I said bye to my mum and kissed my dad and hugged my little brother Thomas. He was 11 and I was 16. I rushed off down the road. I soon stopped with a halt when I saw Kelseys' parents turn the corner holding hands and smiling. They passed me and said hello. Well Malcom did anyway. I carried on running as soon as they passed I got to school at 7:30. I was early , I ran in and sat I in my classroom. I sat texting Kelsey hoping she would reply but instead I got a reply that said. 'Hello Alice , This is Angie. Kelseys phone has been taking away as we don't want you seeing her anymore Bye ' I sat there shocked but soon that shock turned into tears. I couldn't believe that happened. She was my BFF! Instead I texted my friend Sally. She was nice enough but not as nice as Kelsey. I sat there in class as my tutor Mrs Humsley called out the register. 

'MARION?'not here 


'KURT 'here 

'ALICE'   'here miss'  

'KELSEY?'no answer'

KELSEY? KELSEY?KELSEY?KELSEY? KELSEY !!! I turned to the seat next to me  . It was empty. Just blank , nothing there.....

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