The Girl Who Made a Deal with the Devil

Five years ago, my parents died because of me. My brother was sick, so I made a deal with a man in the ally. Felt strange...... don't know what happened


2. When I realized...

Woke up...Felt cold...Look at hands...Can't feel a thing...Blurry vision....What is happening to me?

When I got up, I looked outside the window... it was sunny, huh. I never actually had seen the sun before, but its looks beautiful. I went outside to feel the warmth for the first time in a long time.

Reaching for the door slowly... stepping outside with the right foot first...looking at the sun...covering my eyes from the glare.

After uncovering, I tried feeling the warmth on my skin but I felt so cold......I felt nothing except the bitter coldness of my skin. I looked at the sun trying to figure out what was going on, trying to feel the warmth. I tried to think what I did wrong... the contract...I got the contract out of my back pocket, unfold and skimmed through it. Trade.... soul...death...forever...cursed.... the last word was....Vampire.

That cannot be....vampires are not real...the folks in this town tell stories about them, how they suck human blood, how they kill for their own survival and how they can’t control themselves. This is unbelievable, how could this be....what happen, what did the man do to me?


“Knock, knock, knock!”

“Who’s there?” I asked.

“Honey, it’s me, just open the door please. “Mum pleaded.

I opened the door and I saw my mum shivering…wait, why she is shivering I looked outside and it was snowing. 


(Sorry i will continue the story but  need a little bit of time.)


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