Jamie's Story

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  • Published: 22 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jan 2015
  • Status: Complete
Abby's life had always been different after her Mum died. Now Jamie is here, everything has got A LOT weirder. Who is he? Why is her Dad so irritated by his family? Could there be something about the two they never knew? When one friendly bond expands into something bigger and a huge secret is revealed, the two lives of one boy and one girl are torn apart drastically and in an act of what may be love, or may not, Abby is determined to set the record straight and discover what really is Jamie's story...

Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade, thank you!


12. Linda Macore

                                                                                Chapter 12


It was after an awkward dinner that Abby discovered Linda Macore. She was searching on the internet for 48 June Drive. She had tried Google Earth, but nothing showed any sign of Jamie. So then she had typed the address into the search engine and it had come up with Linda Macore. Apparently she had broken the record for most children adopted at the same time and was trying to break her record to make it even harder for anyone to beat her. Her record was 37 children and she wanted to make it 40. Oh no, thought Abby. If she's trying to break a record, then Jamie was just being taken advantage of. He wasn't being loved. But then maybe what's he wanted. He wouldn't get a lot of attention if he had 39 other siblings. 

'Yeah, he'll be able to sneak out un-noticed and come see me again!' 

'Who are you talking to Abby?' asked a voice and Abby spun round, away from her computer, to see her Dad in the doorway.

'Myself,' Abby answered and her Dad laughed. 

'Dad, look! I found out who's looking after Jamie!' 

'Who?' questioned her Dad, walking over to her laptop.

'Some lady called Linda Macore. She's broken a world record and Jamie is part of her chance to break her record again.' 

'Oh, I recognise Linda Macore. She was in the Guinness Book of World Records. Most children adopted at one time I think.' 

'Yeah. Maybe you can drive me down to June Drive?' Her Dad frowned angrily.

'Abby! June Drive is, like, ages away from here! Please, for my sake, stop searching up his address and worrying about him. Why do you even care? You knew him for so little, it's not like he was your best friend.' Then he got up, turned off the light and whispered:

'Lights out.' 


Abby lay in her bed, wondering. Why did she really care about Jamie? Maybe it was because he was a link to her mother. But, maybe, it was because she- NO. She did NOT have feelings for him. Abby shook her head, forcing the thought out her mind. 

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