Jamie's Story

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  • Published: 22 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jan 2015
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Abby's life had always been different after her Mum died. Now Jamie is here, everything has got A LOT weirder. Who is he? Why is her Dad so irritated by his family? Could there be something about the two they never knew? When one friendly bond expands into something bigger and a huge secret is revealed, the two lives of one boy and one girl are torn apart drastically and in an act of what may be love, or may not, Abby is determined to set the record straight and discover what really is Jamie's story...

Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade, thank you!


26. English Class

Molly had always hated English. Mr Birke was not a good teacher at all. He just droned on and on and five minutes until the end he set an extremely difficult task. It was ten minutes into the lesson and already she was forcing herself to stay awake. 

'Now vampires, blah blah blah, not real, yada yada yada.'  Out of the corner of her eye she saw a hand shoot up. 

'What?' snapped Mr Birke . He snarled maliciously at the student. 

'Sorry to interrupt but unless I am mistaken this is an English lesson so when are we going to actually do some English?' Everyone gasped simultaneously. The teacher turned a staggering shade of red, the pulsing veins on his neck standing out. 

'Stand up!' He roared and the student obeyed. She had black hair and her face showed no signs of fright from this aggravated man. 


'Are you telling me how to teach my lesson?' She shrugged. 

'Maybe. Well, not deliberately.' You could almost see the steam erupting out his ears. 

'What is your name?'


'That's your name sir.' 

'Your name sir.'

'Don't try and be smart with me young lady.' 

'Would your rather I'd be dumb?' Mr Birke snarled. 

'Stand outside young lady! I will deal with you later.' Molly watched intently as the feisty girl strolled casually out of the room. Abby? Wait, the notebook! It couldn't be, could it? 

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