Jamie's Story

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  • Published: 22 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jan 2015
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Abby's life had always been different after her Mum died. Now Jamie is here, everything has got A LOT weirder. Who is he? Why is her Dad so irritated by his family? Could there be something about the two they never knew? When one friendly bond expands into something bigger and a huge secret is revealed, the two lives of one boy and one girl are torn apart drastically and in an act of what may be love, or may not, Abby is determined to set the record straight and discover what really is Jamie's story...

Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade, thank you!


17. 48 June Drive

                                                               Chapter 17


It was another half an hour before Van De Supremo drove into June Drive. It parked outside number 56 and together, Pedro and Abby walked in silence to number 48. They stood at the gate and Pedro smiled.

'Well, Abby, I hope you find Jamie. Say hello for me, no? And Abby,' he said as he started to walk towards Van De Supremo.

'You are a cute couple,' then he ran off on his chubby legs before Abby could say anything at all. Taking a deep breath, she took a step forward and rang the doorbell. A lot of noise was coming from inside the house and a child opened it. Inside, children were running around like mad. 

'HELLO!' the child bellowed, trying to be heard over the noise. 

'Hi, is Jamie here?' Abby yelled.

'ONE SECOND!' The child raced upstairs, weaving in and out of the swarm of kids in the hallway. Soon the child came down with... Jamie!

'Jamie!' Abby cried and Jamie's face split into a wide smile.

'Abby!' he exclaimed and they hugged awkwardly. 

'So,' he said, grinning.

'Did you figure out my clues?' 

'Obviously. But you had to make it hard didn't you?'

'Hey, you need a challenge sometimes,' he shrugged. Then he stepped outside and shut the door. 

'Abby, listen, I'm sorry. I never meant to say anything horrid and, please, forgive me.' Abby looked stern.

'Forgive you? Forgive you? Jamie, why would I come all this way if...' she saw Jamie look upset.

'... I hadn't forgiven you.' They hugged again and Abby smiled.

'Come on, we better get out of here.' Jamie smiled.

'Thanks. I knew you'd come and rescue me.' They set off, down the road, towards the Van De Supremo. 

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