Over Again

It's been a year, to this date.One full year since I had to say good bye to my best friends,fiance,and daughter. As far as anyone can tell by looking at me I'm good but on the inside, I'm just empty.


1. Shit

Tess's POV

Exactly 365 days to this day my whole world was flipped upside down. I was forced to be taken away from all my best friends,my fiance,and my 4 month old daughter. 

When I got to the airport I decided to go to LA. A big city with lots of people so I can hide away. I found a cute little one bedroom apartment basically right in the heart of the hustle and bustle. I found a job working at preschool and those kids are the only reason I smile each day. I haven't changed that much except my hair. I decided to dye it this dark auburn color. 

I cut myself out of every social media outlet just because they were always blowing up with posts about everything I had to leave behind. The rumors spread like crazy but died down in a few months. Since I dyed my hair people don't recognize me as much. 

My Avia would be a year and 4 months now. I can't even believe I missed her 4th birthday, I missed a lot of things. Like El and Lou's wedding which I was meant to be a bridesmaid in. And the fact that my best friend and her now fiance are expecting a baby due in August. I hate being out of their lives but it was the only way to keep them all safe. 

I was just having my daily iced coffee at Starbucks while lounging in one of the huge arms chairs and planning out what to do next week with my little pre schoolers when this mass of people and paparazzi came rushing towards the Starbucks doors. This isn't unusual, it is LA after all, it actually happens a lot at this particular Starbucks. I just looked back down at my notes and continued writing. I looked up from my notes to see who exactly was causing all the fuss I almost dropped my coffee all over the floor. 

My eyes were met with the sight of my very pregnant best friend and Zayn hand in hand. I literally was just staring at them, half wanting them to look at me and half hoping they wouldn't notice. A few short seconds after in walked Liam and sat nicely on his hip,Avia. He was talking to her about something,I couldn't tell, but this sight made my eyes water. As I felt a tear roll down my cheek I glanced away and quickly wiped it away before anyone would notice. I was taken aback on how big she's gotten and how beautiful. I couldn't let them see me. I quickly gathered everything and got up when they were ordering. I was rushing out the door when I smashed into someone. 

"Tess?" an Irish accent asked. 


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