Ash pack

Everyday Cassie wears a necklace with 5 different color stones yellow,pink,red,green and purple. The stones go from biggest to smallest going from yellow through to purple. Liam just thinks it's a necklace she loves but she proves him wrong Cassie shows Liam her inner wolf...


7. The talk

Cassie's point of view

I trotted through the trees, I felt blood trickle down my prefect white fur. I was only bleeding on my shoulder which is ok so I wasn't really harmed well no one was really harmed, we fought bravely and scared off the Fire pack, I was very proud of my pack. Small furry dots ran towards us, then a much bigger figure. Liam walked up to me '' hey '' well that was rude '' hey? I've just been at a tiny war and all you say is hey? not, oh you've been bitten are you ok? '' guilt washed over his face '' I'm sorry are you ok? '' I chuckled '' I'm fine it's just a bite '' his face suddenly became dead serious '' we need to talk '' what about?  why had he suddenly gone all weird? He lead me to a quite patch in the trees '' cozy '' I said trying to lighten the mood, it didn't work '' when were you going to tell me you had a pup? '' something hit me hard like I had walked into a wall, Kiba? how did he know? I looked down '' honestly? I wasn't going to tell you..'' '' why? '' anger rose in his voice '' well because... she's not mine ''

Liam's point of view

Well that came down like a ton of bricks '' but... she said that your her mother.. a-and she looks some much like you '' her icy blue eyes looked up and straight into mine '' her real mother died when she was a few weeks old, I took her under my wing and she grew up thinking I'm her mother, it would ruin her to find out the truth the pack has kept it quite and you must as well '' I looked at her like I'd seen a ghost, Kiba was so small and yes I'll admit it she was a good pup, why did such a horrible thing like losing her mother happen to someone so sweet and lively? The trees creaked as the wind pushed them around '' I won't tell '' a soft smile arrived on Cassie's lips '' thank you '' she whispered.

Hi ;) sorry I'm trying to update this more because it's holidays so I have lots of time yay!

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