Ash pack

Everyday Cassie wears a necklace with 5 different color stones yellow,pink,red,green and purple. The stones go from biggest to smallest going from yellow through to purple. Liam just thinks it's a necklace she loves but she proves him wrong Cassie shows Liam her inner wolf...


1. just friends

Cassie's point of view

I walked into school with my green puffa jacket and my brown hair down letting my curls go wild.Chloe walked out of the class room to meet me followed by Mia " Liam broke his nose " Chloe said when we reached each other, she started playing with my fingers  " I know I saw him when I got in " "was he going to.." I cut her off " student council yea " Chloe nodded and I started walking to class both Mia and Chloe hurried after me " it was so scary " Mia's small voice pitched in I looked down at her, her blonde hair blew behind her and her little legs walked as fast as they could to keep up with me " yea I've never seen Reagan so mad " I swung the door wide open and walked inside. I was hit with warm air soothing my freezing face my eyes darted to the art table next to me, instead of half the class sitting around chattering and laughing Reagan sat there alone. A replay of the fight went through mind mind Reagan standing up red as a fire truck after a pencil case hit his face, next minute Liam's holding Reagan down on the ground. I stuffed my bag into the small cubby and took my puffa off so I'm in my wolf sweatshirt " wanna shoot some hoops with us " Chloe asked standing next to me with the basket ball " na you go " I waved my hand at them " plllleaseeee?? " Mia whined and tugged at my sleeve " get off " I gently pushed her and sent her away. " right now their gone, lets see Reagan's nose!! " a small voice in my head said excited " no I can't just walked up and say " hey Reagan! heard Liam broke your nose ain't that a shame... I CAN I SEE IT?! " I told it " why not? " I left it waiting for an answer and sat at my desk. About a minute later then chair next to me got pulled up " sup " I didn't lift my head " yo " Liam's familiar laughed filled my ears " you say that HEAPS now! " I turned my head " I've only being saying it for like 3 days " embarrassment washed over his face I laughed and rolled my eyes.We sat there for a bit staring into space then I caught him looking at my necklace I didn't say anything, everyone wonders why I wear the same necklace everyday of course I don't tell them. They don't know what would happen if I took it off.           

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