Ash pack

Everyday Cassie wears a necklace with 5 different color stones yellow,pink,red,green and purple. The stones go from biggest to smallest going from yellow through to purple. Liam just thinks it's a necklace she loves but she proves him wrong Cassie shows Liam her inner wolf...


5. Any questions?

Taka's Point Of View

" Um thanks " Liam stuttered " I know you will have a lot of question's so fire away " I sat down  " can you explain everything?" I laughed " everything? " " yes everything " I took a deep breath. " A few years ago wolf packs roamed all over these lands but then one day an army of humans came and killed 2 wolves from each pack when they came to the Ash pack they tried to kill the alpha, me " a few wolves whispered to each other but Cassie silenced them, I carried on " as you can see they didn't succeed but they weren't happy so they killed the alpha female " Liam watched me " who? who was the alpha female? " he asked impatiently, My eyes turned to the empty spot next to me where the alpha female was meant to be " is that were she sat? " I opened my mouth to answer but Cassie bet me " yes it is " and with that she stood up and sat next to me " your the alpha female? whoa "  I didn't want to wait any longer and carried on " so they killed the alpha female, but she didn't really die she became a human, she had forgotten all about the Ash pack the same happened to you- " I got interrupted by one of the hunters in the pack " Taka the sun is setting we need to go hunt now before it is night " why was he telling me? " well go on " I turned back to Liam " where was I? oh yes the same thing happened to you, I had to wait for 12 years then I found our alpha female " Cassie shifted her legs a bit " so I'm a human that can turn into a wolf? " " no, your a wolf that can turn into a human " Liam half smiled at me " so that's just a taste of everything, next " Liam's ears dropped as if to say " oh there's more? " I laughed " don't worry not much more " my face suddenly became serious " you remember the necklace Cassie wear's everyday? " Liam's head tilted slightly " I see it everyday how could I forget " " well each stone represents a pack the yellow stone is the sun pack the pink stone is for the wind pack the red stone is for the fire pack green is for the sky pack and purple is ash pack " Liam nodded then Cassie spoke up "the reason I where it all day is if there is any trouble with my pack I will be able to see Taka so he can tell me if I'm needed well were back as humans but if I don't... " she trailed off it was obvious what the rest was " I think that's it " me and Cassie looked at each other " yep that's all " suddenly a wolf cry echoed around " that's Solider " Cassie immediately stood up " who's Solider? " Liam stood up as well "the wolf who told me he's going hunting " a wolf burst out of the forest yelping like he's being murdered. Blood oozed down his head, I looked closer a chunk of his ear was missing " Ranger! " all I saw was a flash of Cassie's white fur running to him I slowly got down then ran to him followed by Liam " Ranger what happened? " Ranger was a young adult he has only done a few hunts. His terrified eyes looked at me " w-we were hunting a de-deer and the fire pack- " I looked into the forest and let out a low growl, Liam started asking Cassie questions and she just replied with " they want to take our spot at being top pack alright? " then she carried on fussing over Ranger " Willow! " I barked, a white and ginger wolf stood beside me " yes Taka " " take the pups into the cave and look after them, the fire pack want a battle well their gonna get one. "                   

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