This is a short story I wrote and I would love some opinions. Thanks!
It's about a young boy by the name of Reiss who suffers from constant abuse by his parents, he looks at the moon every night and wishes to be there with it. Safe and secure. With no threat of harm. But the world is full of injustice and sometimes there's only one way out.


2. The Only Way Out


They edged closer and closer. 

Thinking as quick as he could Reiss devised a plan of escape.

The storm grew like wild fire, winds strong and heavy as lead.

Reiss turned from his spot pressed against the wall and took off, he ripped the door open and stepped outside. The rain landed on him washing the crimson colour from his skin and hair. Hearing the screams of his parents he sprinted, for a young boy he was a fast runner, a natural talent he possessed.

Reiss ran and ran until his feet collided with the soft sand and could see the waves crashing. Miles he had run. He sat alone in the sand that night on the beach.

For hours he sat and though, tracing his scars over and over again and letting his tears fall as free as birds. You see, this boy had it tough and each night he took a blade to his soft skin until he saw the cherry red blood flow from his. Seeing that crimson colour is what kept him alive, made him see he was still there. Still breathing.

He knew what he had to do. Reiss wiped the tears from his face and breathed deep. The storm had subsided leaving only the thunderous crashing of the waves. That was it. The boy full of sadness and regret walked with purpose. He couldn't swim and he knew that, he was fully aware of what he was doing.

He wasn't shaking, he wasn't even scared anymore. With each step he took it only made him more sure of his decision, it was the only option. The only way to get away. From everything.

Water leapt at his feet and Reiss continued forward. Stopping briefly only to look at the bright moon in the sky. The only light in his life he liked to think, each night he would stare at it and wish to be there. Safe for once.

He was swept up and away, being dragged in and out by the torturous waves. Reiss was losing air. He got swept under, couldn't get back up for air and that was it. He was gone forever.



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