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One Direction Imagines!!

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4. Harry Imagine for Morgan

Harry Imagine for Morgan

Harry and I were happily married with a child on the way. Our house was already prepared a beautiful pick room with flowers in the walls, white curtains with teddy bears and everything a girl could ever want. 
The only thing we didn't have was name yet. I was due sometime this week. 
Me and Harry finally decided to decided on one. 
"What name are you thinking sweetie?" Harry asked me while rubbing my stomach. 
"I was thinking Chloe," I said happily. 
"His face stopped smiling. 
"Eh I'm not really feeling it. How about Darcy?" 
"No. What about Angela?" 
"No. I really want Darcy," 
"Harry please. I'm the mother, I think we should name it what I want," 
"Morgan please. Darcy's a cute name," 
"I never said it wasn't, I just don't want that name for my child," 
"Your child? She's mine to," 
"Are you pregnant with her for 9months. She mine," 
"Without me she wouldn't exist,"
"Ugh Harry please," I Said getting up. 
"Morgan don't be like this," he begged.
"I don't need you right now," I said. 
I  walked to the bedroom to read. While I was reading I got a sharp pain in my stomach, then my water broke. 
"Okay breathe, breathe Morgan," I pulling myself out of bed and at the top of the stairs I looked for Harry. 
"Harry!" I called out .
He didn't answer.
"Harry!" I said again slowly walking down the stairs .
"Harry please I'm sorry! Where are you?!" I started to get worried. Harry was downstairs with his headphones listening to music .
"Harry!! Help me!" I was in severe pain. 
I fell to the ground but I caught myself. 
He turned around and his eyes widened. 
"Oh my god!" 
He said. He helped me into the car and to the hospital once we got a room. 
I was in so much pain.
"Morgan I'm so sorry I was ignoring you!" Harry apologized.
"I don't care right now baby just help me!" 
I got the pain meds and I started to fade a little bit. 
All I remember is the doctor saying is "Mr.Styles were gonna have to do a C section,"
About 15 minutes later I remember seeing Harry by my side and my new child in my arms. 
"Oh my god. Look at my little girl," I said softly . 
"It's she lovely?" Harry said.
"She is," I smiled 
"And ive decided on a name," I said.
Harry cringed. 
"Darcy Styles," 
He looked up and smiled. 
"I love you both more than anything in the world right now," 
"We love you too," I said to Harry. 
He leaned over to kiss me. 
"Please never leave me again," I said.
"Never in my whole life. I love you Morgan," Harry said. 
I kiss Harry again then kissed my new daughter on my head. 
The beginning of a new life.

Hope you like it!!! 

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