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One Direction Imagines!!

I will write all that are suggested with any subject. Fighting, dirty, romantic etc.

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5. Harry imagine for Lydia

Harry imagine for Lydia

Harry and I just started dating about a month ago and things were going. Alright I mean not perfect but alright. There was something missing in this relationship but I just didn't know what. Something needed to change and I knew exactly what. So when Harry called me for a date I had my own plans. 
H-Hey Lydia lets go to a nice dinner and movie tonight okay?
L-Sure I would love that. 
H-Alright I'll pick you up around 5 how about?
L-Sure id love that.
H-Okay see you tonight 
L-See ya.
End of Call. 
Okay I got my own plans for this night.
Getting prepared I got tons of candles and roses for in the bedroom. ;) 
I got on my clothes looking like I was ready to leave for dinner and a movie but underneath it was all sexy clothing. I also made a really nice chicken dinner for both for us. Finally it was 5 o clock and Harry was on his way here thinking we were leaving for a movie but really..... Haha. 
My doorbell rang and I answered all happy like. 
"Hi Lydia!" He said happily. 
"Hi Harry," I said.
"Are you ready to go?" 
"Well actually I was thinking maybe we could have dinner and a movie here," I suggested while grabbing his arm and bringing him in. 
"Wow Lydia this is really nice," he said looking at what I did with dinner. 
"Thank you," I said sitting down. 
We ate and really enjoyed each others company and got to know each other. 
Once we finished I put all the dishes in the dishwasher.
"So what movie are we gonna watch?" Harry asked sitting away from me. 
"Well I was thinking maybe instead I watching a movie we could do something more fun," I said before kissing his neck behind him. 
I kept kissing till he let out a little moan. Then I turned him around, sat on his lap and kissed him passionately while my hips swayed up and down his stomach. His hands slowly went down my back to my bum and squeezed a little bit. I flipped my hair out of my face while he started to kiss my neck and give me little love bites. His hands started to go up my shirt and slowly took it off and I ripped his off fast and rubbed my hands on his chest. I parted from him and took his hand. I led him to the bedroom and I laid him down on the bed. I took off my shorts and straddled him.  I took his hands and put them on my boobs as leaned down to kiss him again passionately.
"I think it's my turn to take control darling," Harry said.
  He hooked two fingers in my lace panties and pulling them down with it. He looked up at me as he blew cool air onto my clit, causing me to shiver even more. He played mind games, looking up and looking down, blowing cool air and sucking slowly. He was so gentle. After a while of him teasing me, he slipped a finger in. I was so wet that he looked up at me in surprise, and easily slid another finger in. We both knew I was ready, and judging from the size of his massive erection, so was he. He pulled himself on top of me, and aligned himself. I breathed in deeply, awaiting the wave of pleasure I was expecting. He thrusted in once so I could adjust, and I gasped. And then he went. He was kissing my forehead with each and every thrust, concentrating all of his effort on making me feel good. We were rocking the headboard, and every spring in his mattress. Our bodies were one, and we rocked to a rhythm all our own. I felt my walls start to clench around him, and he let out a throaty, gravelly moan. I was whimpering in pleasure, and he thrusted faster and faster until we both released, and collapsed into each other. He pulled me into him, and I inhaled, breathing in his musky scent. He wrapped his hands around my waist, and pulled me in so tight I wasn’t sure whether we were separate or apart. 
"Finally nothing's missing," I said to myself. 
"Lydia, I love you,"
That's the first I love you in this relationship. 
"I love you too Harry," I said looking right at him. 
I kissed him again and cuddled my boyfriend

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