Living The Dream *Sequel to Just A Fan*

Ok.. Before i get into anything.. Yes Justin Bieber is on the cover. It's because Gabe basically looks like his cousin (Justin Bieber) When Justin was younger. So yea. Now you may read the summery...

*****The Cimorelli Girls are on world tour, Justin is going off to LA for work, and Gabe is at home all alone. Yes alone. Aunt-Pattie and his mother are on vacation in Hawaii.
When Gabe uploads a new video to his YouTube channel... something extraordinary happens. Simon Cowell wants to sign him! Yes! THE Simon Cowell! The one who signed One Direction! Gabe takes the offer and immediately starts to record songs. Everything seems to be falling in place. Everyone seems to be Living The Dream. Well until Gabe and Lauren go down hill....*****


4. Chapter 3 (Contuined)


*Gabe's POV*

   Lisa was crying her heart out, in my arms. My shirt was drenched. My heart was breaking with every sob. Lisa is family to me! I never want to see any of the Cimorelli's like this! She hugged me tighter. I shushed her.

"Sh.. Lisa. Your ok.. It's ok. Everything will be ok." I soothed.

   She just kept sobbing. I started to mumble a song.

"Girl don't you cry your heart out.. Let me stop before you start out... Don't need his explanations, no.. So don't you cry your heart out..." I sang softly.

   Lisa started to calm down. I rubbed her back and sang a little more.

"Cause he don't really wanna know... about... the way your feeling now.. Cause I'm the one that's here for you.. no doubt.. so don't you cry your heart out..."

   She stopped crying and just hung onto me. I rocked us back and forth.

"Lisa don't you cry your heart out. I'm here for you.." I whispered at we rocked. 
"Thank you, Gabe. For coming here and comforting me.." She ended with a sniffle.
"No need to thank me. I'll be there to catch you when you fall. I've got your back." I hugged her closer to me.

   She smiled. I could feel it since her head was on my chest. Ear on my heart.

"Your wise beyond your years.." She responded. "And, that song.. what was it called? Who sang it?"
" It's called 'Don't cry your heart out'. I wrote it. With the help of Cody Simpson. He's like my bro. That's how close we are." I answered, smiling, remembering when we wrote it, 4 years ago.
"You never told me you knew Cody Simpson." She said picking her head up off of my chest.
"Yea.. not many people know. I met him through... Never mind."

   I wasn't gonna say his name. Not with Lisa like this. So I decided to change the subject.

"So.. How's the first month-"

   I was interrupted by screaming coming from down the hall.


   The screaming stopped when some boy opened the door.


   Who is this kid? How did he get on the bus?

"LOUIS! GO AWAY!" Lisa shouted.

   Oh. His name is Louis. Wait.. Why dose Lisa know his name?

"Am i missing something here?" I questioned.
"Oh yea. This is Louis. Louis Dipippa for ToBeOne. His band is our show openers." Lisa answered.
"Oh. Well nice to meet you, bro." I smiled, stood up, and went to shake his hand.
"Oh my gosh.. I think I'm gonna die. I'm a huge fan!" He exclaimed.
"Um.. I'm a huge fan too!" I lied.

   I have no clue who ToBeOne is....

"You don't know who we are, do you."
"Yea.. I have no clue. Sorry!"
"It's cool! So why are you here?" He asked.

   I looked back at Lisa and raised an eyebrow. Does he not know about Lauren and I? Does he not know who Justin Bieber is dating... or at least WAS dating? Lisa shrugged and mouthed, 'They don't know about our lives that much.' I nodded my head. Then looked back a Louis. 

"Well Louis. Care to hear about Cimorelli's lives?"
"Ok well you see, I'm very close friends with the Cimorelli's. I kinda got super close to one of the girls and-" He interrupted me.
"YOUR DATING LISA!?!?!" He yelled.

   I looked at Lisa with big eyes. She returned the look. Lauren, her sisters, and 3 other boys ran into the room.

"NO!" Lisa and I yelled back.
"OH MY GOSH! THAT'S.. HE'S.. GABE BIEBER!" the other boys yelled.

   I looked at the boys. Lisa stood up from the ground.

"Yes.. i know my name. And, NO! Lisa isn't my girlfriend! Lauren is! How could you not know that?"
"What?! SO that's why she rejected you, Madison!" A boy, probably my age yelled.

   I looked at Lauren. She looked back to me, scared.

"What?" I asked her. I was hurt that she didn't tell me.
"Gabe.. it's not what you think. I said no! I don't like him! Please don't be mad at me! Please!" She begged.
"I'm not mad. I'm.... why didn't you tell me?"
"I was going t-"
"When Lauren."
"When you got here. I was going to tell you but it just never came out." She looked to the ground.

   Everyone was staring at us. I put my hands to my face, then slid them down.

"I'll be back." I mumbled, walking past everyone.
"Gabe!" Lauren called as i walked off the bus.

   I ignored her and kept walking.

"Gabe!" She called again.

   I still didn't respond. I was walking on the side walk now. People were staring at me, whispering, mumbling, 'That's Gabe Bieber!' or 'Him and Justin got in a fight almost 7 hours ago.'. Gosh! Everyone knows about the fight! Someone pulled my arm.

"Gabe! Please!" Lauren spoke. "Don't be mad.."
"I'm not mad, Lo! I'm just taking a walk!" I yelled.
"You are mad. You wouldn't just walk out like that.."
"I'm not mad at you though.." My voice low and soft.

   She looked at me with her big brown eyes. I pulled her into a big hug.

"I'm sorry Lo. I'm sorry.."
"It's ok, Gabe. It was my fault."
"No it wasn't. It was the Madison guys' fault."

   It went silent. We just stood there, hugging. This.. is gonna be in almost every magazine. I just know it. People were talking pictures.

"I love you, Lauren." I whispered.
"I love you too, Gabe." She whispered back.

   We pulled out of the hug. I kissed her quick then grabbed her hand. We started to walk down the sidewalk, not knowing our destination. I put my arm around her shoulders.

"Which one was Madison?" I asked.
"Tell me! Which one was Madison?"
"The tallest one.."
"Thank you." I kissed her forehead.
"Don't do anything stupid, Gabe."
"I won't, love."
"I know you will."
"I promise I won't kill the guy. Maybe I'll just give him a black eye." I smiled.

   She giggled and pushed me just enough so my arm leaves her shoulders.

"Hey! What was that for?" I asked as i placed my arm back where it was.
"For being a weenie." She smiled.
"Oh, so now I'm the weenie!?" I spoke in a playful voice and smiled back.
"You were always the weenie!" She laughed.
"Ah whatever." I smiled at my smiley girlfriend.

   We kept walking. Just enjoying each others company like we always do.

"Your beautiful, you know that?"

   Lauren blushed. Awe! She's so cute!

"I do now." She answered.

   I smiled and kissed her head.

"Gabe?!" Someone called.

   Lauren looked at me confused. I returned the look. Then looked behind us. I stopped in my tracks. Thats... Its...

"EVAN!" I yelled happily.

   I let go of Lauren and ran to him. We bro-hugged.

"What are you doing here man?" He asked.
"Uh nothing. Just vising my girlfriend." I answered.
"Oh yea! I heard! Your dating Lauren Cimorelli!"
"Yea haha."

   I looked back at Lauren who was standing there just watching us. I motioned her over. She started walking slowly.

"Hold on." I told him.

   I ran to Lauren and picked her up.

"Gabe! Put me down!" She yelled.
"No!" I smiled.
"Please?" She asked.
"No. Not until you meet Evan."

   I walked back to Evan with Lauren in my arms.

"Evan, Lauren. Lauren, Evan." I introduced them.
"Nice to meet you Evan. Now, GABE PUT ME DOWN!" She yelled.
"Nope. Evan, do you still have your pool?"

   I smiled evilly at Lauren. Her eyes grew big.

"GABE NO!" She yelled again, trying to get out of my grip.
"Haha. Clam down, love. I'm not gonna through you in.. yet." I put the worm, a.k.a Lauren, down.
"Hey Evan, can we come swimming?" I asked.
"Yea. Do you both have bathing suits?" He responded.
"No.." Lauren answered.
"You guys can just use mine." He said.
"I'm NOT wearing boy bathing suits!" Lauren yelled.
"Haha. He meant your using his sisters. Gosh, girly. I won't let you ware any boy clothes, unless they are mine." I smiled.
"Ohh." She smiled. "Can i still keep your Jacket?"
"Which one?"
"The one you gave me in the airport a month ago."
"Yea go ahead, baby."

   I wrapped my arms around her waist, as us three walked to a mini van. I assume it's the car Aunt Tina drove Evan in. He opened the vans doors.

"Evan did you-" Aunt Tina stopped talking when she saw me. "Gabe! Oh I'm so happy to see you!" She smiled.
"I'm happy to see you too." I smiled back.
"Who's this beautiful girl that you have with you." She had the biggest smile on her face. Lauren blushed.
"Mooooom! Stop embarrassing them!" Evan complained.
"Nah it's ok. This is Lauren." I smiled.
"Hi." Lauren Smiled at Aunt Tina.
"Hi to you too, sweetie. I'm Tina. Evan's mother."
"Nice to meet you," Lauren smiled her famous, heart-stopping smile.
"Nice to meet you too!"
"Mom. Can we all go swimming?" Evan asked.
"Evan, it's 3 in the afternoon and half freezing outside!" Aunt Tina argued.
"Gabe wanted too, not me!"
"Oh.. well then sure. John hasn't closed the pool yet."
"What! So you say yes to Gabe, but not your own son!" Evan yelled.
"Just get in the car."

   We all climbed into the car and buckled our seat belts. SAFETY COMES FIRST!, is what everyone says. But to me, Lauren comes before anything. I'll give up my life for this girl..



 Hey! My hand is Broken! So my sister types for me. Sorry for not updating for like, a month! I'm starting to get writers block. I already know what I'm writing for the next chapter but idk after that. I'll update when my brain works again!












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