Living The Dream *Sequel to Just A Fan*

Ok.. Before i get into anything.. Yes Justin Bieber is on the cover. It's because Gabe basically looks like his cousin (Justin Bieber) When Justin was younger. So yea. Now you may read the summery...

*****The Cimorelli Girls are on world tour, Justin is going off to LA for work, and Gabe is at home all alone. Yes alone. Aunt-Pattie and his mother are on vacation in Hawaii.
When Gabe uploads a new video to his YouTube channel... something extraordinary happens. Simon Cowell wants to sign him! Yes! THE Simon Cowell! The one who signed One Direction! Gabe takes the offer and immediately starts to record songs. Everything seems to be falling in place. Everyone seems to be Living The Dream. Well until Gabe and Lauren go down hill....*****


2. Chapter 2




     I handed Mrs.Zach- I mean Victoria my suitcase but held on to my backpack. I went to the elevator and pressed button 5. When i got to the 5th floor, i went to the room Justin was recording in. I stood outside the door, scared to go into the room. I eventually opened the door and saw Selena sitting on a couch, Justin in the recording booth, and Fred the guy who dose the recording. Justin stopped singing when he saw me standing in the door way. He walked out of the booth and just stared at me. Selena and Fred looked at me too. I narrowed my eyes at Justin. Then I blew.




   Justin just stared at me. I looked back at him with angry eyes. Selena was staring back and forth from Justin and I.

"W-What do you mean?" He asked, sounding all incontinent.
"B-Because i invited her..."

   Ouch.. that one hurt... Why would he invite her and not me? Why would he invite Selena instead of Lisa? I mean i know Lisa is on tour but still...

"Why! Why would you invite HER instead of Lisa!?" I yelled sounding disgusted when i said 'HER'.
"I got lonely.. Besides, Lisa is on tour..."
"If you got lonely, you could have called me! I would have came here!"
"What if i wanted to spend time with a girl instead of being around my cousin all the time! What if i didn't want to spend time with you!" He yelled.

   I looked at him in disbelief. This isn't my cousin. This isn't the Justin i know. Little tears came to my eyes. My own cousin, the one that i look up to, doesn't want me around. He... hates me. I backed out of the door. Justin's face turned soft and was full of regret.

"Wait Gabe.. I'm sorry." He said trying to stop me.

   I didn't listen. I ran down the hall and to the elevator. I pressed button one. Come on doors, CLOSE! Justin ran down the hall after me. Selena following behind him.

"Gabe! I didn't mean it! Your my cousin! I'm sorry!" He yelled as he ran.

   I just shook my head. The elevator doors closed and went down to floor one. I stormed out of the elevator and grabbed my suitcase from Victoria.

"Nice to see you again Gabe! See you around!" She said
"Nice to see you too. But i won't be coming back.." I called back as i walked out of the building door.

   I flagged a taxi and told the lady where to drive me. She nodded and started to drive towards the Cimorelli house hold. I took out my phone and messaged Alex that i was on my way.

   I seriously can't believe Justin just said he didn't want my company.. I mean i get that me live with each other 24/7 but still... you don't say that to your cousin. Your number one fan... well at least i was anyway... Not anymore.

   The taxi pulled up in front of the house. I payed the lady, thanked her, and got out. The cab drove away as i lugged my bag up to the front door. I didn't even have to knock. The door flew open reveling Little Nick, Joey, and Christian. They all lunged at me, Joey and Nick on my legs, Christian holding on to my arm. I let go of my bag.

"Gabe!" They all yelled.
"Haha, hey boys. Wheres-"
"Boys! Let go of Gabe! He's gonna be here for a few days. That's plenty of time to hangout with him!" Alex said walking out of the house grabbing my suitcase. Just the person i was looking for.
"Hey Alex!"
   With my free hand, Alex and i did our bro handshake.
"Sorry 'bout the boys. They are siked to see you again."
"Dude it's cool. I wish Justin would have been this siked to see me.."
   The little boys let go of me and ran back inside of the house.
"Oh yea.. I heard about what happened. How exactly did it go down? Cause the press and cameras like to make lies.."
"Wait what?"
"You and Justin got into a fight, right? Or was it just the work of the press..?"
"Yea we got into a fight... but how did you find out? I only said i was gonna check on him.."
"Well somehow the press got a video of the fight. Want to see?"
"Dude yes. Show me."
"Alright, come on."

   I followed Alex into the house. He lead me into the computer room on the second floor. He turned on a computer and went to YouTube. He typed in 'Justin Bieber' and a bunch of videos popped up. What was the first video you saw? Thats right, 'Justin and Gabe Bieber, fight'. Alex clicked on the video and it started to play....


*Lisa POV*

   I was randomly on YouTube because i wasn't rehearsing for a concert. We were all on our tour bus heading to our next destination where Gabe will be meeting us and staying for a while to celebrate his and Lauren's birthday.

   I went to Justin's page. I need to hear his voice again. I clicked on a recent cover that he put up. I smiled when i noticed it was a cover of one of our originals. As the video played, i scrolled down to see the other videos that were recommended. One stood out. 'Justin and Gabe Bieber, fight.' What? I clicked on the video and started to watch it...


"WHY IS SELENA HERE!" Gabe yelled.
"B-Because i invited her..."
"Why! Why would you invite HER instead of Lisa!?" Gabe sounded so disgusted.  
"I got lonely.. Besides, Lisa is on tour..."
"If you got lonely, you could have called me! I would have came here!"
"What if i wanted to spend time with a girl instead of being around my cousin all the time! What if i didn't want to spend time with you!" Justin yelled.

   Tears came to my eyes... am i losing my boyfriend to Selena..?

Gabe backed out of the door. Justin looked sorry.

"Wait Gabe.. I'm sorry." Justin said. 
Gabe didn't listen. He just kept running down the hall. Justin ran after Gabe. Selena right behind Justin.
"Gabe! I didn't mean it! Your my cousin! I'm sorry!" He yelled as he ran.
Gabe ran into the elevator. The doors closed and Gabe disappeared. Justin just stood there standing in front of the elevator. Selena finally cough up with him. From behind she put her hands around his chest, lying her head on the back of his shoulder.
"It's ok Justin.. he will soon see that we are perfect for each other." Selena said to Justin.

   Is she... He... Oh my gosh....

Selena moved in front of Justin. She looked at him, he stared back. Her hands were still on his chest. Selena got on her tipi toes and whispered in Justin's ear,
"Kiss me...... I know you want to....."

   I put my hand over my mouth. Justin wouldn't....  would he?

Selena moved her lips closer to Justin's.

   He... he wouldn't...

Her lips got even closer to his.

   He.... he would....

Her lips brushed against his.

   He... He'll back away.....

He crashed his lips into hers.


   Tears fell from my checks. He.... he did. Justin kissed Selena. He kissed another girl. My own boyfriend just cheated on me.... I started balling. Lauren ran into the room.

"Lisa! What's wrong!?" She asked full of concern.

   I just shook my head and cried on her shoulder.

"Shh, Lisa. It's ok... What's wrong?"

   I shook my head again. Then i heard a phone go off.

"Hold on Lisa. I'll be right back. Let me just answer my phone.."


*Lauren's POV*

"Hello?" I answered my iPod.
"Lauren! It's Gabe!"
"Oh.. hey."
"Hey love... Um... Is Lisa ok?!?"
"What do you mean?"
"Is she ok? Like is she crying or something..?"
"Yea she's crying... Do you know why?"
"Why is she-"
"Justin kissed Selena.."
"Yea. Where are you girls? I'm coming early."
"Um.... We are on our way to Ohio."
"Oh ok. So i don't need to fly to China? Tell them to stop the bus when you reach Coulombs, Ohio ok? I'll met you girls there."
"Ok. See you soon."
"See you soon, love. Comfort Lisa until i get there. Bye, love you."
"Love you too. Bye."

   Gabe ended the call. So... Justin CHEATED on MY older sister. Just wait till i see that boy...




  Yes i know i said Gabe and Lauren will go down hill.. and they will..... later in the story. Ok!? Ok! Well new chapter. I know its pretty bad.. I'm just trying to upload before i have no more laptop for a while.... sorry about that by the way. Ok, well tell me what you think!














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