me so far

im writing about my life every day, pretty fun, especially with my friends


2. before school

august 8 2013    Wednesday                united states of America, Arizona, san tan valley


this morning i woke up when my alarm goes off, playing awake and alive by skillet, so i pull out my mp3 player and listen to that while i rest my eyelids for another half hour

"savannah time to get up" my gramma says at six thirty, i groan and sit up, chug a mini water bottle and put my glasses on, thy are big, but not too big, i like them, except i got hairspray all over them, and i need new ones anyway

"why now, five more hours" i ask

"no" she laughs and walks out to get my ten year old brother Collin.

collin races out of his room and into the bathroom, which bothers me, because i can feel every thud his foot makes when it contacts with the floor like he wants to kill it

"collin stop it" i yell irritated

"what" he says back, i walk out of my room and to the bathroom where he is washing his hands

"stop running like you wanna kill the floor" i say and walk downstairs to wash my hands, i fix my coffee and pancakes and sit at the bar in our kitchen, collin thuds down the stairs and fixes a bowl of chocolate lucky charms, which i think are gross, he gets out the orange juice and a glass, he shakes the bottle of orange juice like he is murdering a killer

"collin you don't need to shake the orange juice that much" i yell, he stops, sticks his tongue out at me, and starts shaking it again

"collin that's enough" my gramma says, collin stops and pours the contents into a glass, i continue to eat my pancakes with strawberry jelly, i chug the coffee and trudge upstairs to get ready, i pull on boot cut jeans and a black tank top, brush my hair, hate it and put it back in a ponytail, and make my bed

"can i get onto the computer" i ask, i don't have my laptop anymore so i have to use the desktop to type my stories on movellas, a writing community i like

"have you brushed your teeth" she asks, i run back upstairs and brush my teeth

"i brushed them" i say, she hesitates for a moment

"fine" she says, i run upstairs to the desktop, i get on one of my stories until its time to go to the bus

when it is time for the bus i grab my backpack, throw on a grey and black t shirt, grab my viola, and walk to my friends Emily, gage, shane, and Jayden at the corner close to where we are picked up, i sit down on my backpack and listen to gage's Japanese music, it is catchy, i just tune it out and listen to Emily talk, she throws an empty sprite can at me, i hit it, and we play soccer wit it until it goes into the street, three cars go by and don't run it over, Emily walks into the street and steps on the edge and it goes flying two feet, we laugh and move on

"you have to admit it is catchy" gage says, he is talking about his Japanese music

"oh i have been ignoring it for the whole time" i say and laugh as Emily walks over, stands right next to me and puts her hands on my head

"santi clause, can i have a pony" she says, i laugh

"no, but ask gage, he is the real Santa clause" i say, she goes over to him and does the same thing

"no, go away" he says, i laugh, so does Emily, and i notice my buddy kylie is not here yet, she has been either late for the bus, or missed it, then the bus pulls up, i get my things and walk, Emily steals my viola until we get to the bus, my friend jonnie, who got moved to the front of the bus holds his hand out for a high five, i give him a high five and a knuckle bump and walk to the back of the bus

"can i sit here" i ask the girl in the very back, since no other spot is available, she moves over and i sit down

"thanks" i say, she doesn't respond, and about half way to school friends in front of me start taking pictures

"hey savannah, do you mind being in the pictures" ali asks, i shake my head and they shoot a few pics

when we get to school Emily waits for me when she gets off of the bus, i walk with her inside and leah pops out of no where

"hi hi" she says

"hey" i say back, she walks with us to the band room where we do orchestra, we out our instruments up and walk back outside, leah goes to talk to Kyla, our other friend and ignores us, Cassandra comes to me and Emily and she asks us our favorite colors

"purple" i say

"blue" Cassandra

"whats your favorite color" Emily says and points at herself, she has long blonde hair, big brown eyes, and is really funny, Cassandra is thin, brown hair goes to the middle of her back, and is one of the friends i trust to tell anything, and i only have three of five of them out of my hundred or so friends, then we ask our friend alan what his favorite color is, he says blue

"jets go ask dante" i say, we go over there

"whats your favorite color" he is watching our friend Russell play on his phone, he tugs on his red jersey

"im taking that that is red" she says

"whats your fave color" she goes to Russell

"purple" he says

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