"Danger, lust and passion built this dangerous temptation"


2. Chapter two

Wandering I was in that place, one more one less. This time it was one more. After a good torture, blood sparked. The currency of the business had fallen, had flown the CAP. And it was from my gun.
I kept the gun in my back and I headed to my car. 2 in the morning, not many people walk in this place at this time. I was walking calmly when a sob caught my attention a few meter from there there was a girl.
I'm not those typical people who cares, give me exactly the same else, while they don't get involved with me. But it was late and I knew that there anyone could take her.
-What's wrong? -I ask her while sitting at her side at the edge of the street.
-Do not go near - she said  - who are you?
-Only came to ask calm down
-Everything in my life is wrong that happens.
-Do very bad?
-Too bad. -She said while I smiled to myself.

I needed girls, needed sex, needed money and this was a unique opportunity.

-Will you join me? -I ask. 
-With you? Neither dead.
-Leave you alone in the middle of an alley at 2 in the morning? where anything... could happen. -Smiled to myself again I was what was happening. And then she raised the look and nail those expectant eyes at me. Immediately wanted to have her naked in my bed.
-Who are you? -She asked him again.
"Should I tell you my name? No." I thought
-Justin. -I said very quietly. 
-Well Justin what? -She asked insecure. 
-Only Justin. You go or stay? I will not wait for you. -I was standing I took a step and she followed me, then I turn to see her and I couldn't help but smile.
What makes such a beautiful damsel to those hours in the street?
What does this big bad wolf hunting that helpless little Red Riding Hood?
-What are you laughing about? What is so funny? -She asked with bad tone.
-No I'm laughing, I'm smiling for you. -I said smiling still.
-Can I know why?-she frowned as I looked. 
-No - I whisper dry while opening the door of my black Range Rover, she stopped. 
-Started badly... -She said annoying.
-Guess we will end well... -I smiled side.
-What do you mean? -she looked at me with fear... thinking about it I do fear. 
-I have a large and juicy proposal you can not refuse... 
-Is for my benefit? -she raised right eyebrow.
-Get and I talk... -more I opened the truck door, and another of my dams has fallen into the clutches of the Wolf.

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