"Danger, lust and passion built this dangerous temptation"


3. Chapter three

Justin's POV' I closed the door behind her and I went to the driver's seat.Got the keys and started the car directly to my house. I felt the nervous that was this girl, had her hands twined in her lap and looking outside the window got lost. -What is your name? -I asked to have his attention. - Alice - Just Alice? -Yes, Justin. -She said as he returned his attention to the street. -Are you okay? -I asked as her eyes on the road. -Why not stop asking casual questions and tell me what is your proposal? - anxious? - Intrigued. - frightened? - nervous - nervous? Why? -Because I just climb on the truck of a guy that with luck I know his name and has a proposal to me without even knowing me. I laughed to myself. Alice was too nervous, scared and anxious by what I had to say. It is common among all the girls that I choose. These questions are one more than the thousands that I do to earn my trust. -Don't have to worrying. ~I told her to calm her down a bit. She did not have to worry, not yet. -I will when you tell me about the "proposal" - she said secure. I liked that. A confident woman is a sexy woman. Justin, Justin, Justin... For you all women are sexy... Or at least most, if most. Then I turn to see her face, expecting to see the same as always. Fear, wonder, among other things. But she smiled. In fact was she smiling? Yes she was. -Why are you laughing? -Now I was the stunned... -I'm not laughing, I'm smiling. It wouldn't be very impolite on my part to laugh at the King of coca, not? I would laugh for me and life, I can't believe I have the most wanted man to my left, the most famous King in coca, impressive isn't it? ~I heard her mocking giggle. Naughty Girl eh. -Is it sarcasm? -looked at her askance. -Take it as you want. -It isn't a game, Alice. -I had. -It is, many people say that, that world is for fun and pleasures. -she looked at the front -Do you think so? -You tell me... Is said to be like a game at random, it is not known when it is lost or... -I interrupted her... - Or is it won... and I always win. -I accelerated. -A man of power has to be treated with respect. -She said ironic. -Tell me the proposal? -She said totally ignoring what I told her, with disobedient girls I do not fight, I'm not minder. -So eager... How about if we go in and I'll tell you? We already arrived. -I said stopping the car. Alice looked out the window and her eyes opened wide. Girl I bring, girl that reacts the same way. -Do you like the house? -I said as I opened his door. -House? Really? You won't want to say mansion? -She said getting off the car. -For me is house, it's already little. Alice followed me up to the entrance of the house. I took the key and opened. If she had been impressed already by the House on the outside, she'll be speechless by the inside. He was already accustomed to all react as well. I earned easy money, and had it done during my whole life, that's why I always gave me the best luxuries and had the greatest comfort. -Wow...
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