"Danger, lust and passion built this dangerous temptation"


1. Chapter one

Fearless : Adapted

First of all, let me present... I'm Justin Bieber. The most wanted all over the world. I'm a quiet and business man. I don't have a facade of being in the mafia but it is my destiny. Dubbed the King of coca. In commercial aircraft, I transported the merchandise.  Purchase and sale of beautiful women. The DEA sought to find me but they haven't. My enemies wanted to kill me but couldn't. It was not simple or easy to reach me, in my lairs I knew to hide me. I was trained to kill and torture with style and class. Exotic animals are private collection.
Money and arms are my allies. Between party to party I spend singing, jumped, danced and well what I enjoy. In the press and in books I'm the most mentioned man, in the ranks of the mafia, I am and will be the most respected. Whiskey and women, beautiful pleasure, dammit. The war has just begun, and I have to see who will be my next prey.
"I do not know the death and fear, skip tended to never regret, buy and do this order, where I provoke disorder"

I think that my life is based on a phrase "that do not risk not wins" well said my mother what life is cunning, sometimes life presents you unique but dangerous opportunities and more if you are caught in one of the worst moments in your life. Luxury, money and pleasure, is difficult to refuse. CAI networks and already I can not go out, I can now only survive.
The least expected day, he came up to me, without thinking I said "Yes" can a simple sentence, a word, change both lifes? My life.

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