A dream come true?

Kelsie is a 15 year old girl in Texas and when everything is going fine until her boyfriend cheated on her... She went out to a bar and bet one of the members of one direction! What happens next?


1. Chapter 1

Hey..I'm Kelsie!  Let me tell you a little but about my self! I'm 17, my name is Kelsie Woods. I was raised and born  in Texas! Yes I do have a country accent but it's not that strong :). I don't have a farm or any farm animals... Are anything like that a normal house with a pool in the back 1 story because I'm the only child... And only three people live in the house my mom and dad! I like a band called one direction! And I think that's all. Oh wait I been dating my boyfriend drake for 2 years!

A/N :
This is just a little bit about Kelsie the next chapter will be P.O.V. And ect. :)

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