My bully lives with me

Katherine lived with one direction after she almost got killed by a maniac!.she also had a crush on harry.but one day the boys were walking while katherine was asleep and they find this girl about to be shot they saved her and brought her back home but that girl was no ordinary girl she is katherines bully!.


5. Trtricksters

Katherines pov i ran out of the music room and went to my room and locked it.i turned around to find alexis reading my diary i snatched it away from her and said what are you doing!.she said reading your diary you dirty slut!.she said harrys gonna be mine i liked him since he did his first concert.i said i liked him since the xfactor!.i ran out of the room with my book and went to harry crying.he said whats wrong?.i said you wouldn't believe me.he said tell me.i said Alexis is my bully in high school.he said really? Because Alexis said that you are her bully.i said do you really think i can beat her up with these noodle hands.we started laughing.he said yes.i said yes what?.he said yes i will be you boyfriend.i kissed him on the lips and then said dont tell anyone about her being my bully or us dating and not even alexis!.he said ok.i said when alexis asks you out say yes.i got out with my book and alexis came in and closed the door i put my ear on the door to hear their conversation.alexis said harry will you go out with me I've been wanting to ask you this since we first met but i was too afraid and i like you.he said yes.i heard a kiss i got mad a bit.she said dont tell anyone about this just katherine she'll figure it out anyways.i ran to my room and sat on my bed and started using my phone.i didn't have anyone to text since my parents died and my brother was always busy.i heard alexis enter the room and said hey slut! Harry is going out with me so i won the game again!.i acted like i was crying and she failed for it.she said guess he didnt like you that much!.i ran out of the room and went to harry and told him what happened he started kissing me and i kissed back i got on top of him and kept kissing we heard footsteps and stopped.i acted like i was angry with him and he played along we both knew it was alexis.

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