My bully lives with me

Katherine lived with one direction after she almost got killed by a maniac!.she also had a crush on harry.but one day the boys were walking while katherine was asleep and they find this girl about to be shot they saved her and brought her back home but that girl was no ordinary girl she is katherines bully!.


7. Dead maybe?

Alexis pov i got position from the store and threw the receipt away at the store i also got a Gatorade.i put the poision in the Gatorade it looked red after.i put it in the refigerater with the rest of the Gatorades.i went in my room and went back to sleep.

katherines pov i woke up at 2:00pm.i went downstairs to get a drink and saw the boys getting Gatorade too they had blue ones but i got the only red one.i put it on the table and got some spaghetti that harry made i started eating on the table with the rest of the boys.i got thirsty and opened my Gatorade but harry took it and drank some he gave it back and i drank some suddenly me and harry started coughing we drank more Gatorade but made it worst.niall called 911.zayn took all the Gatorades and took samples since we started coughing after we drank Gatorade.alexis came down and looked at me and then harry her eyes widened thats when i knew she did it.we drank water and we stopped coughing but couldn't breathe harry fell down zayn checked his heart and said his heart wasnt breathing.i blacked out and fell.

alexis pov i didn't mean for harry to be poisoned!.he fell down and zayn checked him he wasn't breathing and then katherine fell the ambulance came and took them i can't believe i killed harry!.

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