My bully lives with me

Katherine lived with one direction after she almost got killed by a maniac!.she also had a crush on harry.but one day the boys were walking while katherine was asleep and they find this girl about to be shot they saved her and brought her back home but that girl was no ordinary girl she is katherines bully!.


4. A song for harry

Alexis pov i read what the page said and it said the he loved both of us but doesn't know who to ask out.i heard the door open so i put the diary where it was and sat on the bed harry came in and said hey.i said hey.too and i told him to sit with me.he did i stared into his emerald eyes he got closer and closer and then we ended up kissing.i stopped and then the door opened katherine entered and said i need a word with harry i said sure and got out.i closed the door behind me and started listening to what they said katherine said harry i need to ask you something that I've been wanting to ask you since our first kiss when you saved me.i tried opening the door quietly but the door was locked and then she said will you go out with me?my heart broke into pieces.he then said ill think about it.i heard foot step heading towards the door i ran upstairs into my room.

katherines pov i went into the music room and started playing and singing a song that i wrote on the piano(a thousand years by christina perri)in the middle of my playing someone sat next to me i stopped and saw harry he said why did you stop?.i chuckled and kept playing.when the song was over harry asked did you write that all by yourself?i said yes.he said well thats amazing,who is it about?.i

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