Lerman or Hutcherson

Alex is one of Lerman's fans, but that all changed when she got in a car crash after her graduation. But her life changes when she figures out that the man driving the car who hit her was IN FACT LOGAN LERMAN??!!!!!!! This story takes Alex through drama, romance, and a sense of whole when being with Logan. The only problem now: Josh Hutcherson.


2. Missing Best Friend BECUZ HE'S JOSH HUTCHERSON!

***Four months later 

I sat on my desk typing a very long email to him. I knew that he probably wouldn't get to read it since his agent went through all the "fan mail". Like seriously? I am more than a fan...I am his best-friend! I missed him so much but I had to keep reminding myself he was living the good life away from this town. 

I remember that the a week after we'd met he confessed that he was a actor. I mean big screen movie type deal actor. He said that he had wanted me, his best friend, to know first before the entire school. And so it did, Josh instantly gained popularity after the town found out through television. 

Josh changed alot during those weeks. He rarely spoke to me unless it was a simple Hi during passing periods. He left me alone during lunch and ate with the cool kids. It did kind of bothered me but I was happy for him. I mean imagine being a actor and coming to school befriending the werid kid and not being popular? Josh had very right to step up his game and go after what he'd always chase: fame.

But then it all came tumbling down for me. Josh was leaving for Hollywood to go make The Sequal To Hunger Games. But before he'd left he talked a very important conversation with me about how I shouldn't let the other people bully me. It was mainly the same thing he had said on the first day of Senior Year. But then Stacy asked him out right in front of me! It did not bother me but the aftermath did. 

You see Josh rejected her right then and there saying he had other things planned (a,k,a becoming a awesome actor) but Stacy has misinterrupted this and thought I was more worthy of Josh's affection. So when Josh left for California, Stacy brought back the bullying harder this time. 

I sighed as I wrote this down on the email. Josh would be disappointed  of me for letting it go this far. I smiled remembering him in his mad yet adorable face. I hit send and looked at Daniel, who was looking at me.

"Josh'll read it, right?" I asked mostly to myself than my dog.

"Ruff-ruff!" Daniel responded.

I laughed. I hope he was right. Now it was time to start homework......

***Next Day

I pulled my car up and got my backpack ready. When I looked up I saw Stacy and her "thugs" come up to my car. 

"Alex......this your car or did you steal it from a rich dude." Stacy said scratching my car with her fake nails.

Great, ruining the paint job. I thought. 

"Hey! She looks like she's shitting bricks." A guy wearing a leatherman jacket shouted coming towards me. 

I backed up. 

"Hhahahaha, Kite, you know it! This bitch is as scared as Stacy than all of us put together!" Some idiot shouted.

Technically....wrong. And what kind of name is Kite?

"She's so quiet....I bet if we hurt her she wouldn't even squeal." Kite said coming closer to me. 

I gulped. Hit me? And I'll sue you! I thought since I could not speak. 

"Back off, Kite. We'll get her." Stacy said walking away her crowd following her.

I ran inside the school and into my classroom sure class hasn't started but I just needed to be surrounded by a teacher.

"Ah, Alex. What can I do for you?" Mr. Wheatter, my favorite English teacher said.

"Sir.......I.......need to check my email." I said sadly. 

Why was I so scared to tell him? 

"Sure thing, here." He said handing me his laptop. 

I checked my email only to see useless spam piling up. Ugh, the one person I could speak too and he wasn't here! 

"Thank you." I said.

Many classes after came lunch. I sighed as saw the trail of students I would have to pass through. I started walking keeping my head down. For once! I actually made it pass the Cafeteria without being notice! I smiled and walked to my car. I stopped and dropped my keys. I looked at my Audi. It was beat up. The window's were smashed, the hood of my car banged, My side windows were not there. My tears started stinging.

I wiped my tears away and held my head up and began walking. Walked until I was out of school for lunch, but I didn't come back that day. I spent it crying to myself. Why couldn't I tell anyone? 

That I had kept all these emotions locked up for so long that I couldn't keep going at it anymore. I sighed and went on my computer and got plane tickets for California. My parents wouldn't know.......maybe wouldn't care? Besides, there was not way I was going back to school.

***Next Morning

I hopped into the taxi with Daniel by my side. 

"Today......is a new day." I said thinking of Chicken Little.

I had to put Daniel in a cage. I made me sad but to my surprise he kind of liked it. Maybe because he'll have his own time. I got into the plane, sat on the chair, and looked out my window. I will see my best friend again. And it'll be like old times again.

***Josh Hutcherson P.O.V 

"Sydney! Baby, you can't keep doing this to me." I said doing my best kiss-her-ass voice.

"No! Josh! I've had ENOUGH! We've been dating for 2 WEEKS!!!!! It's about time YOU LET THE FUCKING WORLD KNOW WHO I AM TO YOU OTHER THAN YOUR AGENT!!!!!!" She said her voice getting louder than ever.

I shrugged and pressed pause on my Call Of Duty game, "Look, it'll look bad. Your my agent......" 

Oh shit. What have I done?!

"Look bad? Look Bad!!!!! Josh!!!!!! Ughhh never the fuck mind!!!!!!" She said storming out of my apartment. 

God. Women like her scare me, I thought. 

But she did have a point. She deserved better than our secret relationship. Even though we'd been peer pressured into dating by peers, and I've never even had a chance to talk to her because she was always so busy. I had two choice: break up with the most terrifying girl I've ever met or show the world Josh Hutcherson's new girlfriend? Sure, the telling the world one was romantic and very manly.....but what if I didn't even want to be her boyfriend in the first place? I mean the woman was a control freak! Always taking over my life! Seriously! She had MY phone, MY email account, and MY fan-mail! All I had to do was say yes whenever a "life-changing experience" came along. As Sydney called it. In other words: movie requests and interviews. I hate that this was NOW MY LIFE. All because I decided to have Sydney as my agent after Tom, my old agent retired. 

I heard the phone ring and I got up to get it but Teresa, my guardian since my parents stayed back home, answered it. I could see the look on her face that it was her.

"Joshie......for you." She said handing me the phone and walking away to finish watching her novella in the living room.

I sighed, "Hello?"

"Josh! OMG! Babe, I'm so sorryyyyyyyy.....look I'll make it up. Forget EVERYTHING I SAID! And get your ass to The Chinese Theater NOW!! Some dude got his star and you should make an appearance. 

Some dude? What kind of an agent doesn't know the actors names???

"Alright, send me the info. In my way." I said rolling my eyes.

"Errr.....Josh...???" She said slowly like she was bitting her lips.

"Mmmm??" I asked.

"I might have thrown your phone onto the freeway on my way over here......ok bye." She hunged up without my reaction.

I looked up at the cieling.....Please God, Help me with women.

I ran downstairs without saying goodbye to Teresa. Hopped into my car......had to punch in the location on the GPS......and drove off. 

Sydney and I were definately going to have a serious talk after this. No way was I gonna let her near my stuff again. Throwing my phone out the freeway? Isn't that loitering? God, this woman did not care about the enviroment. Maybe I should break it up. Get a new agent-one that was so pretty but wasn't a crazy control freak like Sydney. I sighed, but would it be wrong?

To dump Sydney because she simply wanted the world to know she meant something to me.

Or was I just afraid of commitment? 

I thought about it for a second as there was traffic on the 405 just up ahead.

Yes.....I was afraid. Afraid to make promises. Afraid to make a claim and end up disappointing her and myself. I ignored any further thoughts.....because it reminded me of the life I left behind. Of the friend I couldn't contact.......of my true girlfriend: Alex. I often thought about what was happening to her.

Did she finally realize she was the most beautiful girl in THE UNIVERSE!?

Did she finally confront the bullies.

Did she miss/ remember Josh.

But was always on his mind was the million dollar question.

Did Alex feel the same for him as he did her?

I shook the thoughts away. 

Whoa, gotta stop using 2nd person when I think. 

I continued to drive until I saw Valet Parking and a waving arms Sydney screaming at him.

"Hurry the fuck up dumbo! We need to take a tour! Comon!" She hurried me dragging my arm.

I sighed deeply, if only I could leave Sydney and Hollywood far behind and get on a plane and confess to Alex how much I'd been dying to tell her I loved her. 

But she'd have to wait. Now was Showtime. Now was Hutcherson's time to shine. 

****Watch for The Next Chapter which will include: A devastating meeting for Joshie and Alex, A jealous Sydney, and a unexpected actor????????????? Logan Lerman. Thank you AND I HOPE YOU LOVE IT!!!!!! Comment what you want to happen!!!!!! and I'll make it happen :)

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