Lerman or Hutcherson

Alex is one of Lerman's fans, but that all changed when she got in a car crash after her graduation. But her life changes when she figures out that the man driving the car who hit her was IN FACT LOGAN LERMAN??!!!!!!! This story takes Alex through drama, romance, and a sense of whole when being with Logan. The only problem now: Josh Hutcherson.


5. Go Pick Up Destiny

Alex's P.O.V
"Thank you." I said to the wonderful employee at the rent a car dealer.
I walked out to my borrowed Prius. It wasn't the car I'd perfer. But I guess that's what I get when you enter a whole new world.
I started driving. No where in particular just anywhere. I took in such amazing views. Sure, I'd only heard that California was just beautiful. But standing on this state was like being in heaven. I could be anywhere. And I was starting to love my new adventure in the Golden state.

Josh's P.O.V
"Logan! I told you what I came for isn't here." I shouted into my cell while buying a airplane ticket back home.
"God, then why even call me to say that? You know that's WHY texting exist. " He laughed.
"Idiot, I'm calling you to help me." I said realizing how much my friend was a asshole.
"I was just kidding, okay, and help with what" He asked.
"I need to dump Sydney." I admitted.
"Omg! About time you realized it! She's such a bitch! One time, she told Zac-" Logan said before being interrupted by my heavy sigh.
"Logan, I just need your help. Now look, I'm about to get on a plane. But be sure to pick me up, okay?" I said hanging up.
"Flight 234 is now boarding." The intercom announced.
Great. Now if only there was a way to prepare for my biggest fear: dumping the most craziest bitch ever.
May the odds be forever in my favor.

Logan's P.O.V
Ugh. Perfect. All of a sudden I was being dragged into all of this! This is what I get for befriending a hell of a friend. Ever since Hunger Games, Josh had been more empty. I'm guessing it's ever since his parents decided to move him back in some town.  They said it was because they feared Hollywood would get to him.
But I knew Josh. Hollywood could never change him. He was still unique as when I we competed for the main role in Hoot. No one had ever thought we'd known each other that long. He was my best friend.
"Lerman!" I heard a familiar annoying voice shout at the entrance to my house.
"What!" I screamed back seeing Lautner smiling.
"Guess what?" He asked.
"You finally realized you're a homosexual...." I said rolling my eyes.
"Um. No. Actually, I'm not, asshole. Tonight is guy's night." He snapped back.
I smiled widely, "Really? Awesome."
I love guys night. It was the only time I got to hang out with my celebrity friends. Which included: Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Dave/Liam Franco, Dylan O' Brian, and Josh. It was also the only night I could see all of us normal. You know without fans and paps.
"So my house or yours?" I asked after Tyler had not answered.
"Actually. We were gonna do it at Seth Rogen's house." He said.
"What! Dude, we're gonna get high!?" I panicked.
"Chill Lerman, it's his birthday and Big Franco invited Little Franco over. So are you coming or not?" He asked.
"Dude, I can't get high. The Perks was enough for me..." I mumbled remembering getting high with Emma Watson behind the scenes. It hadn't been the best experience.
"Then don't get high! God. You're such a baby." Taylor said rolling his eyes.
"Fine. I'll try to go...." I said.
"Cool. So I'll see ya there." He smiled leaving my house.
Perfect. I'm a actor that is such a pussy. If only I could find a reason to man up. I saw the time.
"Shit." I said before running out of my house to pick up Josh from the airport.

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