Lerman or Hutcherson

Alex is one of Lerman's fans, but that all changed when she got in a car crash after her graduation. But her life changes when she figures out that the man driving the car who hit her was IN FACT LOGAN LERMAN??!!!!!!! This story takes Alex through drama, romance, and a sense of whole when being with Logan. The only problem now: Josh Hutcherson.


6. Angel Eyes

Alex's P.O.V
I stared at the road. Beverly Hills. It looked more like a forest than a rich person's neighborhood. But then again their house's were probably up on hills inside these forest. I needed to find the college. But where was UCLA?

Logan's P.O.V
I pulled out of garage. I just hope the freeway was clear. I was already late. His plane had landed thirty minutes ago.
I heard my phone ring. It was obviously Josh.
I decided to ignore it. I really didn't want his shouting to interrupt my driving.
I started driving towards Beverly Hills. There I would hop onto the freeway and pick him up in no time.
Another ring from my cell came.
I sighed, "Yes?"
"LOGAN! Hurry up! I can't hide from the paps all day!" He shouted.
I turned onto Beverly Hills Avenue.
"Dude, chill I'm in my way." I saw feeling agitated.
"Chill? You want me to chill!" Josh replied.
I sighed,"I'm coming."
"No. Lerman, you're always late! You were late to my premiere. You were late to my birthday party. Heck, you're still late to pick me up" He shouted.
"Dude, I'm driving. I shouldn't even be talking to you!" I said about to hang up.
"Sure, blame the whole driving. You just don't want to talk to me. You're still mad about me taking Sydney!" He snapped.
My heart slumped. Crap. I never thought he would bring her up again.
"Josh-" I said wanting him to stop.
"No. You wanted her and she picked me! You're still holding that grudge Logan! You were my best friend...." He mumbled.
Were? I was his best friend? What the hell?
"I was your best friend?" I said getting angry.
"Logan. You're different." He whispered sensing my anger.
"Fuck you! I'm different! If you haven't noticed you haven't been quite yourself lately either! Sure, I missed some stupid party-" I screamed stepping into the gas pedal.
"A stupid party! It was my birthday!" Josh shouted back.
"I didn't miss it because of your girlfriend!!!!" I said.

Alex's P.O.V
Everything happened so quickly. I remember my face being hit by the airbag from my steering wheel.Then, I felt my body shift high. I noticed I was bleeding. And I saw why. My body was upside down and my leg was somewhat twisted. I panicked as my face had received several cuts from the broken window.
I heard a shout. But I began to feel weak to even answer. I only coughed and then saw my savior.
It was two blue eyes that looked back at me. They were so mesmerizing and beautiful. But to my horror those eye's face was covered in blood as well.
"Hold on! Help is coming." The man with the angel eye's said.
I groaned feeling pain.
He reached into the car and found my seat belt.
"I'm gonna help you. Now, be strong" He whispered into my ear.
He pushed my button and I felt myself fell. But he was prepared. I landed into his back. I grunted feeling my leg hurt so badly.
"Ok, stay with me." He said as he slowly pulled his body out taking me with him.
I heard ambulance sirens coming.
"Hey, hey! Stay with me!" He said.
I felt his hand grab mines as he laid me down on the pavement. I stared at his eyes. Those eyes were so beautiful. I swear I was at the presence of an angel.
"Take me" I whispered as I slowly closed my eyes.
"No. Please. Please, stay with me! Don't die! Please." I heard him scream.
I was exhausted and every part of my body hurts. But I somehow managed to open my eyes once more.
"Yes! Yes! Stay with me." He said tightening his grip on my hand.
I smiled then felt tears on my face. I don't know if those tears were mine or his. I would have asked but I saw paramedics pull him off of me.      
   My world was shaking. My sight was failing. My mind was stirring. But nothing right now could change the fact that I needed to see Angel Eyes again. My eye's went shut as I felt my body in a car and sirens ringing in my ears. I was okay. But how was he?

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