Lerman or Hutcherson

Alex is one of Lerman's fans, but that all changed when she got in a car crash after her graduation. But her life changes when she figures out that the man driving the car who hit her was IN FACT LOGAN LERMAN??!!!!!!! This story takes Alex through drama, romance, and a sense of whole when being with Logan. The only problem now: Josh Hutcherson.


1. Alex Meets Her Match

"I, Alex......am not a geek." I said to the girl in the mirror. 

It was my first day of high-school as a senior and here I was awake at six in the morning telling myself I wasn't a dork. I sighed, of course I wasn't a geek. Right?

I lived alone in this huge house because my parents were always away on "strict and important business." And I had no brothers and sisters to bother. All I had in this boring mansion was my German-sheperd, Daniel. Yeah, I know, who names their dog Daniel? Well, how about that girl who's always alone and doesn't want to name her only friend Ruff or Max?

I am a dork. No wonder I had no friends......I mean what happened to being yourself is cool?

Guess that's what I get for listening to Facebook. 

I turned towards my bed where my outfit layed. I had my mom buy it while she was in France. Yet, I don't even think people would even notice me. I felt like I wanted to cry......my first day of being a senior and my parents wouldn't be there to wish me luck. My dad was in Tokyo running his business and my mom was in Spain designing. 

They thought buying me a Audi for the first day of my last year would be enough. Sure, it was. I mean a Audi....MY AUDI was outside ready to take me anywhere I pleased. But my entire life was like this. When my parents couldn't be there, they'd buy me something. I walked to my bed and decided to sleep for at least 30 minutes. 

***a hour later

I woke up to Daniel licking my face. 

"Down, boy....what time is-OMG!!! I'm Late!" I said seeing it was 8:51. I could have stayed home like anybody in their right minds would but I didn't want too not in this boring house. Even with Daniel, I still wanted someone I could hear talk not bark. Sorry, Daniel.

I quickly dresses and ran down the stairs and out my house. I saw my black sleek Audi parked in the driveway. I got in and drove. The school was like four blocks away from home so the ride wasn't as thrilling as I thought it to be. I parked next to Stacy Dunnose's car. She had a Camero that was pretty beat up but I wouldn't dare tell her unless I wanted to be the one to Get beat up. 


I ran inside the office and saw Susan, the office lady, talking to some boy. I started tapping my feet looking outside the window thinking what would I do once I entered class.

"Ms. Alex will show you." Susan pointed to me. 

I looked at her. She was handing me a tardy note and as I reached for it I saw the boy turn. His face was beautiful. I was capitvated by his appearance.

"Hi, Alex? Names Josh." He said walking past me and stopped by the door.

"You coming?" He asked. I snatched Susan's note and walked beside him.

"What's your-" I managed to start.

"History." He said ignoring me.

"Me too." I said feeling insecure. 

"That's cool. Already made a friend" He smiled looking down at me. I blushed. Friend?

"For now...." I whispered.

"Hmmm?" He said opening the door to History class.

"Nothing, thank you." I said walking in before him. I froze when the students looked at me. 

"Alex Welme? Eww....you sure got uglier over the summer." I heard a girl mutter.

I wanted to puke I pulled back almost exiting the room but Josh's hand was at my back pushing me forward.

"Hello, Ms. Ghile? I'm Josh Hutcherson......new student." Josh said flashing me a smile. 

"And she's one of your students.......and my friend." Josh said looking at the girl who had said I was ugly. 

"Yes....take at seat both of you there." Ms. Ghile said pointing to the front. 


The rest of the class's went on to be obviously boring. Getting to know your teachers blah blah blah. Same old same old. Then lunch came. A.K.A My nightmare. 

I usually went to eat outside the school but the sad part was: I had to walk through the cafeteria. 

I began walking slowly so now one would notice.......but that epically failed.

"Hey, ALEX!!! Way to come to school late LOSER!!!!!" A boy shouted.

"Eww Alex what are you wearing? Trash from the garabage?" A tall blonde form the cheerleader's table said.

It's actually designer clothes from Paris. I thought. 

I bumped into someone but decided to not look up I went around and kept going holding back the tears. 

"Alex! Hold up!" I heard Josh say running after me. I was outside the cafeteria and walking to the parking lot. 

"Alex!" Josh shouted angerily now.

I turned," What!?!" I didn't like my tone and know I shouldn't take this one him but he was just THERE.

"You should not........ever.......let them.....*pant* speak......to......you like that." Josh said panting after running after me. 

"Josh....you don't understand." I said helping him stay on his feet. 

"I don't under-??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! Alex!! I "Understand" bullying when I see it!!? And what they are doing is in fact BULLYING!" He said pointing back at the cafeteria.

"Josh.......it's been like this since elementary.....I've gotten used to it." I said trying really hard not to cry in front of him.

"SINCE ELEMENTARY!!! Alex!? Used to it???" He said shaking his head as if trying to throw away what I had just said.

"You wouldn't.....ugh." I said not knowing what to tell him. I turn and walked to my car remembering that I was losing lunch time. 

"How could any girl get used to being called ugly when THEIR NOT???!!!" Josh said looking at me and smiling.

My heart skipped a beat. Did Josh just call me NOT UGLY?? and the opposite of NOT UGLY is.........omg.

I smiled at him thank god he couldn't see me blush from all the way over there. I waved goodbye to him and drove off. 

Josh one thing was for sure......you sure did know how to make a girl feel pretty. 

***Hope YOU LIKE IT :D

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